Dream Meanings: Dreams About Fire

Dreams about fire could mean several things. Here is more about the possible meanings.

Dreaming of fire could be both a negative dream as well as a positive dream. In both aspects looking into the dream could bring on much self awareness. Dreaming of fire

could be because of a transformation in life. The flames could be the burning of any barriers that are in the way.

The transformation could be things such as a new job, or a new spouse: something unsettling in either a positive manner or a negative manner. Such things in a positive manner could be a pregnancy or a promotion. Bad things could be limitless. It could also show that danger is ahead in life. The danger could be in a relationship or in a new job. The subconscious is using fire as a warning sign. Usually the sign of warning is not a good thing ahead.

Pent up emotions, such as anger or rage could be the reason for dreaming of fire. In the dream if fire is strong and high, it could mean that the emotions are strong. If the fire is weak and not roaring, it could mean there is pent up emotion, but no to an overwhelming state.

Not being able to let it go and letting it build within is usually the dream of fire. Holding a grudge against something or someone could be the result. It could also mean that there is pain or fear in one's life. Either could stem from relationship issues. Dreaming of fire could also mean that there is a lot of passion in a person's life: usually sexual passion, not a passion for something. If the fire is large and roaring in the dream it could mean that the passion is very high.

Dreaming of fire could mean that a person is displaying negative behavior. This behavior could be as a direct result of harming themselves or harming another person.

Fire could also mean that the person dreaming goes after hurtful and dangerous situations and does not realize what they are getting into. The fire could mean that it is blocking the view of what the entire situation involves.

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