Dress Up Common Chocolate Wedding Favors

Wedding favors should be about the joy of giving, not the stress of planning. Below find some fun and easy ways to dress up simple chocolate wedding favors.

Chocolate is a popular and simple favor to give at your wedding, and it is easy to customize to suit your day.Whether you have fun with ribbons and colors or become creative with presentation, a favor is always a fun memento of the wedding.

The first choice to make regarding your favors is what kind of chocolate you want to give.Even if you want to keep the favor simple, you can still choose a type of chocolate that is significant to your wedding.For instance, if you are having an outdoor, mountaintop wedding, you could give a gourmet trail mix with different types of chocolate (white, dark, milk), dried cherries, and fancy nuts.Or, if your reception is a decadent affair, one single truffle at each place can be a lovely treat.An autumn wedding could have chocolates in leaf shapes.

Whatever chocolate you choose, you can most likely buy it in bulk and package it yourself (if not already pre-wrapped).With this approach, not only do you save money with the bulk purchase, but you also have the opportunity to customize the packaging.First, decide if you would like to put your chocolate favors in small boxes or in bags.In terms of cost, small cellophane bags are probably less expensive and can still be very pretty; however, boxes may be more formal.

No matter which way you choose to package the chocolates, you can have fun customizing with ribbons and other colors.The obvious colors are the wedding colors, but you can also alternate favor colors by table, or use entirely different colors that match the reception area.Ribbons can be tied around the cellophane bag or the small box and finished by curling the ribbon or making a pretty bow.Again, how you finish the package is an opportunity to have fun with the project.

Another nice touch to add to a simple favor is a note from the bride and groom.Usually only a line or two, these words can be either be a well-known verse of poetry or a "thank you for joining us on our wedding day."Some couples even incorporate the theme of the wedding or a special phrase, like "the spark that started it all" on a package of spearmints.

Similar to adding a note to the favor, you can create packaging that looks like a popular brand.With this idea, however, being computer-savvy enough to recreate the image on your PC is vital.A common example of this is when people imitate the Hershey's wrapper.Although this option takes some thought, figuring out a fun play on words is always makes a clever favor.

Lastly, the method in which you give you favor to your guests can be imaginative or fun.If the wedding is near the holidays, you could have your guests chose a favor wrapped as a present from under a Christmas tree or a menorah.A wedding near St. Patrick's Day could have a pot of gold wrapped chocolates near the reception entrance.Even without a holiday theme, any sort of beautiful presentation can be incorporated.A winter wedding could have the chocolate favors in a miniature sleigh, while a fall wedding could use a cornucopia.

When dressing up simple chocolate favors, think beyond the candy and incorporate special themes or elements of your wedding.Your guests will enjoy the thought and fun that went into the chocolate more than the candy itself, so be creative when finding the perfect favor.

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