Dressing For Success

Dressing for success even on a budget. When on a limited budget dressing professional could be a challenge. There are ways to get around a tight budget and still look good.

It is hard to live on a limited budget, especially with a demanding job. In many professions looking good is one of the keys to your success. But how can you look good and dress great on such a limited budget.

One thing is very important when dressing for success, and that is your accessories. To look nice and stand out it is important to accessorize. You don't want to over do it, just enough to make your outfit look better. For example, simple earings and a light simple necklace. When worn with a suit and can do wonders. A small thin bracelet and a simple ring can finish the look.

A very important factor is your finishing touches, or polishing you look. Having your nails and your hair done is key. You don't have to pay someone to do this for you. A home manicure (pedicure if you wear open toe shoes) is sufficient. Wearing you hair up looks more professional, even if it's in a simple french twist with a clip. Make sure to take care of your hair and skin. Keeping up with your daily maintanance will add to your outward appearance.

As for the clothes, bargain shopping is not a problem, if you are a good bargain hunter you can search out great outfits for an inexpensive price. When buying these outfits remember your little added touches can make that outfit look even better. The best thing is to buy mix and match outfits, that way you can get two or three outfits out of one, and that's your best bargain.

With mix and match outfits you can get as creative as you want. If you usually wear business suits, buy suits that can coordinate with each other. Also buying some seperates, like a few blouses or a couple of pairs of slacks is a good idea. You can match them with your seperates. Black is a good choice, it always looks good and matches with anything.

Shoes are essential, but also costly. There are many bargain shoe stores, and all you need are just a few pair to coordinate with your outfits.

Scarfs are coming back in style, they look very professional and are very inexpensive. Buy a few with the same colors as the majority of your outfits. Don't over do it and wear them everyday, but a couple times a week is nice. They also look nice when tied around a bun in your hair. And it's very simple to do. Just twist a bun, secure with bobbypins and tie a rolled scarf around the bun and tuck the ends.

Always plan your outfits ahead, the more you plan the less money you spend on items you will not get much use of. It's touch, especially when first starting off in the working world. You want to look professional, but not use your entire bank account. It's a good idea to put a small portion of each check away for "personal maintanance", ubdating your style is important in business. Also with the change of seasons, you'll need money to change with them. So planning is basically the key. Save your money, coordinate, plan ahead and mix and match. Good luck!

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