Drink Recipes For St. Patrick's Day

Want to liven up your next St. Patty's party? Try one of these drink recipes to get your guests in the Irish spirit.

Remember in elementary school when you begged your mother to put out your green shirt the night before St. Patrick's Day so you wouldn't get pinched at school by your classmates for not wearing green? As we grew older, St. Patrick's Day remains just as playful and fun, but now we've traded those pinches and green clothes in for drinks and music. If you are a big celebrant of St. Patrick's Day, here are some fun drink recipes to help you get into the Irish spirit.

Tasty Key Lime Drink

If you love the taste of old-fashioned key lime pie, then you will absolutely love this take on it. Cut half a lime into small wedges. Put the lime wedges, four ounces of vodka, one and a half ounces of a thawed limeade drink (frozen concentrate) and one teaspoon of vanilla in a cocktail shaker and cover with ice. Shake the mixture and strain it into two of your favorite glasses.

Laboratory Green Punch

For a big St. Patrick's Day get-together, make this tasty and powerful punch. Take two cans of frozen limeade punch (from concentrate), two cans of frozen lemonade punch (from concentrate) and two bottles of a carbonated lemon-lime soda (two liters each) and mix together in a large punch bowl. Take one bottle of rum (750 ml) and stir it in. Once the alcohol has been added, mix in two quarts of your favorite lime sherbet for a delicious, sweet drink.

Irish Delight

For a quick and creamy drink, stir together one and a quarter ounces of your favorite Irish whiskey and one and a half ounces of heavy cream.

Old-Fashioned Irish Cocktail

Mix one ounce of your favorite Irish whiskey, a quarter ounce of green Chartreuse and a few splashes of green crème de menthe in a glass of crushed ice. Strain this mixture into a glass that has been chilled.

Irish Coffee

Stir together one ounce of Irish whiskey, four ounces of cold coffee and a quarter ounce of Irish cream liqueur with ice. Strain this mixture into a clear coffee mug and top with fresh whipped cream.

Cool Irish Drink

Stir an ounce and a quarter of Irish whiskey with six ounces of club soda for a carbonated pick-me-up.

St. Patrick's Day Black Russian

In a highball glass that is filled with ice cubes halfway up, pour in one and a half ounces of your favorite coffee flavored liqueur and three ounces of vodka. Put in enough of your favorite soda (cola-flavored) to come to within half an inch of the top. Top the drink off with some Irish stout beer and stir the entire mixture.

Holiday Punch

Try another punch recipe with just as much kick for your Irish festivities. Mix together two quarts of your favorite orange juice with a bottle of gin (750 ml) in your largest punch bowl. Slowly stir in six cans (twelve ounces each) of a carbonated soda that is lemon-lime flavored. Mix in half a gallon of vanilla ice cream for a creamy party drink.

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