Drive-In Movies - They're Not All Gone

Drive-in theaters are one of America's nearly lost treasures that are slowly gaining new appreciation.

Though it once enjoyed wild popularity, one of America's greatest past-times had fallen into near obscurity until recent years.If you are a member of the current generation, you might only know about drive-in movie theaters from old movies and reruns of Happy Days if you aren't lucky enough to have one of the few remaining drive-ins in your area.Drive-ins were the perfect place to take a date and enjoy privacy in your own car and they were also perfect for a family outing.Drive-ins fell out of favor when indoor movie theaters began to spread across the country in shopping malls.Indoor theaters offered comfortable seats and great stereo sound and you didn't have to worry about the weather or the time of day when you wanted to see a movie.Indoor theaters could offer movies year round and they had more films available to choose from.Eventually, drive-ins could not compete with indoor theaters and they began to close down until they nearly disappeared.

Drive-ins are now making a comeback.Slowly but surely we are seeing old drive-ins being reopened and the drive-ins that managed to stay open all these years are gaining new popularity.There was not a single open drive-in theater left in the entire state of New Jersey until recently when the old drive-in in Vineland was reopened.Before this, residents drove for hours to New York and Pennsylvania to experience the nostalgia of the drive-in.Why the sudden renewed interest in drive-ins?

Drive-in movie theaters offer great value in today's high priced movie market.You can pay upwards of ten dollars for a movie ticket in certain areas and that is only for one movie.At drive-ins the ticket prices are much lower.You can expect to pay around six dollars for adults and two or three dollars for children at a drive-in theater and you get to watch two and sometimes three movies in a row.You can bring your own food and drinks to the drive-in and you can bring small children and babies.Many drive-ins have playgrounds for kids to keep them busy before the show starts.Kids can sleep in the car if they get tired and they can get up and walk around without disturbing anyone.More families own SUV's and minivans and they make great places to sit and watch a movie when the vehicles are parked backwards with the back doors opened up.

Some drive-in theaters feature more than one screen.With anywhere from two to six movies being featured on a given night everyone can have a choice of the movie they want to see.The sound for the movie is broadcast on an FM station to provide stereo sound within your vehicle. With a few sets of radios with earphones the whole family can watch different movies from the very same car.

Currently there are only about 500 operating drive-ins in the country but old ones are being reopened every year.You can find the drive-in closest to you by searching on the Internet.There are several web sites dedicated to drive-in theaters that list open theaters and their locations.If you want to aid in the comeback of drive-ins visit them as often as possible.Drive-ins make most of their money at the concession stand so don't forget to purchase some tasty treats at intermission.With more families discovering the joys of the drive-in theater you may soon find one opening in a neighborhood near you.

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