Driver Safety: How To Avoid Driver Fatigue And Falling Asleep

Knowing how to avoid driver fatigue and falling asleep is an important part of driving anywhere safetly.

Holidays are great fun and a time to get away from it all and unwind. However, if we are travelling within our own country, our holiday may need some extensive driving on our part.

So we set out on our vacation nice and early in the morning, as we know that we have a 12-hour drive ahead of us for the day.

Lunchtime comes and we are still driving, have not stopped as we want to arrive at our destination on time. 3pm arrives, still driving. We are starting to feel a little tired but we know that we are close to arriving, so we keep on going.

As we are travelling along the motorway, we come to a deceptive bend, without realizing it, our car is travelling to fast to take the corner. We spin out of control slamming into an on coming car. The crash is fatal, killing 3 in our car and 2 in the other car.

What do you think may have caused this accident to happen?

An increasing problem now for motorists is "ňúdriving fatigue'. Yes, this fatigue has caused our reactions to slow down so that we were unable to judge the corner properly, almost as though we were drunk, however this time, drunk with tiredness.

What could we have done to prevent this fatal accident happening so close to our destination?

The preparation starts before we get into the driver's seat back at home. How so?

The first thing is to make sure that we get a good nights rest the night before so that we a refreshed for an early start the next day.

Also the night before, look at your map as to your route and mark in it various stops where you as the driver can have a small break along the way. Remember that short 5-minute breaks can mean the difference between life and death for us.

One recommendation is that we need to have a break from driving at least every 2 hours, so that we can refresh our reaction senses.

Another good idea is to take some light refreshments with you, so you will always have something to sustain you while driving.

When driving along long stretches of roads, we as drivers need to keep our minds alert and active. This can be done by listening to radios (as long as it's not too loud), talking to others in the car is also a good way to stay alert while driving. Although the caution is that we do not want to talk so much that we are distracted from our driving.

Yes, it is far better to take little rests in order to keep alert while driving. Maybe all we need is to be humble and accept that we may be tiring and just pull over for a short rest.

Our passengers won't be too worried by this, as this could mean their lives down the track.

So instead of the disastrous vacation where lives are lost, let's make our vacation a safe and happy one instead by our careful driving habits.

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