Best Drugstore Mascaras

Find the best drugstore mascara based on what you want it to do. Excellent reviews categorized by formula function.

Don't fool yourself into thinking you have to buy department store mascaras to get great results.With some simple application tips and knowledge of which tubes to buy, you'll have people stopping you in the drugstore aisles asking you for tips on applying false eyelashes.Just tell them you don't know, smile apologetically, and go on about your way.If you're feeling generous, you can share your mascara secret, but that's completely up to you.A girl doesn't have to share her secrets.If you're a minimalist, you'll still have them stopping to wonder about what you did differently this morning just by adding a little color.

First, you need to decide what kind of look you're going for.Lengthening?Thickening?Dramatic?Natural?Maybe a little flirty.This guide will give you recommendations for any category you need.Print it out, take it with you to the store, and start comparing.

Thickening/Volumizing:The top mascaras in this category include L'Oreal Voluminous; Maybelline XXL, Volum' Express, and Full and Soft.Wear these to put on dramatic fringe.

Natural:For those girls with long lashes who just want a little bit of color, try these just for color:Revlon ColorStay Lash Tint, and Maybelline Great Lash (it looks more natural than dramatic unless you let the first coat dry before applying the second, then let the second dry and so on).

Tiny Lashes:Girls with lashes that like to hide out should try Maybelline's Lash Discovery.This formula is available with a curved or straight brush, waterproof or washable.This is the snake charmer of the cosmetics world.It brings lashes out of nowhere.

Lengthening/Defining/Separating:L'Oreal Lash Out will stretch those lashes like a stiletto and long jeans stretch your legs.Your lashes will just go on and on, with no clumps.

Curling:Maybelline's Sky High Curl is a good pick for this category because it leaves your lashes lifted to the ceiling, not clumpy, and completely independent of each other.

Hypo-Allergenic/For Contact Lens Wearers:Almay One Coat Thickening mascara will keep the flakes out of your eyes, and leave your contacts in peace.If you've ever had a bad mascara flake off your lashes and into your eyes while wearing a set of gas-permeable lenses, you will realize how much this mascara should cost (even though it's only about six dollars).

Lengthening/Thickening in One:Want eyes that look as if you used glue, tweezers, and a little pack of lashes?Opt for L'Oreal's Lash Architect or Double Extend.Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara also is amazing for this look, as well.Wear one of these formulas on your next night out and your "come hither" look will be even more effective than usual.

Color:Just a little color that only stands out if the light hits it just right can accentuate the color of your eyes and add a little oomph to your makeup look.Try a sapphire or cinnamon hue if you're going for a more classic look and are bored with basic black or blackish-brown.If you're feeling more adventurous, have fun with a bold jewel-tone.Caboodles and N.Y.C. are good for offering color.You can put it on your whole lashes from base to tip or just add the color for a less shocking, but oh-so-interesting appeal.Milani makes a Glitter Glamour Duo made up of glitter liner and matching mascara if your style is fearless and funky.

Contact lens wearers, make sure you have your contacts in prior to applying your eye makeup.Otherwise you may get rub-off on your lens as you put it in your eye, leading to discomfort, irritation, and possible infection.If you have an eyelash curler (plastic is less damaging than metal), put it to use.Place it at the base of your lashes and squeeze for ten seconds.For added curl, put the curler in the middle of your lashes next and squeeze for an additional ten seconds.

To avoid having your mascara look clumpy, roll the wand across a paper towel before bringing it to your lashes.This gets off the excess formula that could otherwise end up on your lash tips or around your eyes.

Wiggle the wand horizontally at the base of your lashes to give the illusion of thicker lashes and look like you're wearing light liner.Pull the wand up and through the lashes, all the way through the ends.If you want more than one coat, put them on while the formula's still wet to avoid clumping, flaking, or pulling out lashes.Now maneuver the wand horizontally and diagonally to make sure to get all the lashes.For a look of wide-eyed innocence, skip the mascara on the bottom lashes and apply only to the top.Hold the wand vertically and brush over the tips of the lashes to get the most length.

Mascara's the most fun way to polish off your makeup application.You can change your expression by changing your formula.Don't be afraid to experiment.And don't think you have to find your staple formula right away.Mix it up, grow a collection of colors, and don't be afraid to apply one formula over another to customize your lash look.

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