Dub Music Into Your Home Videos

Learn how to easily dub music into your home movies. You probably already have most of the equipment.

Television and movie producers often set visual images to music with great effect. Who doesn't remember musical sequences of a favorite movie, or theme songs to a favorite television show? But did you know that you can dub music into your own home movies easily, and using equipment that you probably already own?

Here's how:

The vast majority of current home video cameras require you to record your home movies onto a small "Super 8" video tape. Later, you hook up your camcorder to your VCR and re-record your movie from your small camcorder tape onto your VCR's VHS tape. You accomplish this by connecting your Camcoder to your VCR with Input/Output wires. The time to dub music into your home videos is when you are doing this re-recording.

There are three holes on your camcorder. One is "Video Out". This sends the video image through a wire and out toward your VCR. The other two holes are "Audio Out," and they do the same thing but with Audio. Normally, you run your input output wires from Audio and Video out to Audio and Video In on your VCR. Then you press play on your camcorder and record on your VCR, and the image is transferred through the wires onto the VHS tape.

The key to this trick is that stereos also have Audio Out slots. So instead of running your audio out wire from your camcorder to your VCR as you transfer your images, run it from your stereo to your VCR. Just play the desired music on your stereo, plug one end of the wire into audio out, and plug the other end of the wire into audio in on your VCR.

If you want only music on your Home Video (without the originally recorded sound) you should run both the audio left and audio right wires from the stereo to the VCR. But you can also blend music and the originally recorded sound. Simply run one wire from your stereo to your VCR, and the other audio wire from the camcorder to the VCR, thus splitting the sound. Make sure to adjust all of the volumes to the desired levels.

Enjoy this easy trick for free home video dubbing. Finally, for voice-overs just plug a microphone into "Audio in" on your VCR while you record.

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