Dump Truck Driver Job Requirements

Dump truck drivers are responsible for handling large trucks that are specially equipped for transporting and dumping loose materials such as gravel, coal, rock and sand. They work for construction companies, trucking companies or municipal road repair crews. The average annual salary for dump truck drivers, according to Indeed.com, is $37,000. Dump truck driving jobs have some important requirements. Licenses For this type of job, a Class A or Class B commercial driver's license is required. Information about these types of licenses and how to obtain one can be found at one's local Department of Motor Vehicle office, or online at state DMV websites. To obtain a CDL, you must pass a general knowledge exam as well as a test specific to the type of commercial vehicle you intend to drive. For dump truck drivers, a dump truck or construction vehicle examination may be the required test. Medical Most employers require that dump truck drivers hold a current Department of Transportation medical card. The card is issued after passing a physical examination conducted by a licensed medical examiner. Contact your primary care physician to see if he or she will conduct this exam, or for a referral. The card, which qualifies you to operate a commercial vehicle, is good for up to two years. Past Experience and Screenings Past experience in trucking is another important requirement for dump truck drivers. A lot of employers prefer employees who have had some past experience in truck driving, usually at least two years. Potential employees should also have good job references, and must pass various types of employment screenings and drug testing. Miscellaneous Another requirement for dump truck drivers is the ability to read city maps when needed, to get where they need to go with materials easily and efficiently. They should also hold some knowledge of maintenance and be able to clean the vehicles and equipment when needed. The ability to load and unload equipment and materials onto the dump truck is another important requirement. Lastly, some employers will require potential dump truck drivers to hold a valid first aid and CPR certification.

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