What To Do During A Bank Holdup

Read this article so you can be prepared in case you find yourself in this potentially dangerous situation!

You can always hope that you're never involved in a bank holdup. There are thousands of bank holdups across the United States in any given year. Hopefully, you'll never be faced with this type of stressful situation, but, if you are, it's good to know what to do!

The first and most important thing to do is to remain as calm as possible. Most bank robberies only take a matter of minutes. Keeping your wits about you will enable you to act in the best manner possible within those minutes. Not only that, but staying calm will effect the others around you. It will help to keep the other customers to the bank, as well as the employees, calm.

The next thing to do is to listen to what the bank robbers tell you. If they instruct you to put your hands in the air, then do that. If they tell you to give them your money, jewelry, and other valuables, hand them over without any incident. And, don't talk unless they ask you a question. You want to keep the emergency situation as calm and as uneventful as possible for everyone's welfare.

If at all possible, you'll want to get a good look at the bank robbers. The police will need a detailed description so they can try to arrest the criminals and retrieve the stolen money and other valuables.Normally, criminals will instruct you not to look at their faces. But, if you can, try to ascertain how tall each one is, and how much they weigh. Other details of their descriptions include hair color, eye color, approximate age, any tattoos or scars, and what type of clothing they are wearing.

You'll also want to pay attention to the robber's speech. Do you notice an accent? Does he or she use a lot of slang? Try to remember the robber's exact words so you can tell the police afterwards.

For your own safety, as well as the safety of the other customers and bank employees, never try to be a hero! Even if you're physically able to overtake the bank robber, you or someone else could hurt in the process! Whether the bank robber you are encountering is a seasoned professional or a young person, they will most likely be very nervous and in a hurry. They may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Or, they could be mentally unstable. So, since you have no idea of the mindset of the people you're dealing with, the safest action is to just remain in place.

Also, remember to be polite and mannerly towards the criminals. Don't give them any reason to become violent!

After the robbers leave the bank, you should still remain calm. The employees have been trained to handle the situation from the beginning to the end. One employee will probably secure the doors while another one sets the silent alarm off to notify the police. (If they haven't already done so before this time.)

While you're waiting for the police to arrive, stay inside the bank! Instead of going outside to try and get a license number, you can check to see if everyone is all right instead. You should also, while it's fresh in your mind, take a pen and paper and make a list of the descriptions of the robbers. Also, make a list of any money or valuables that the robbers took from you.

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