How To Dye Your Hair Yourself

This article tells you the easiest ways to dye your hair for beautiful results.

You can spend a fortune getting your hair colored in a salon or you can save money by learning how to do it yourself at home. If you have a friend willing to help, even better, but it isn't necessary. When dying your hair, the first and most important step is choosing the color you want to achieve. Check packages. The majority will show you the expected results based on your natural hair color. Remember, these are expected or typical results but not guaranteed.

If your hair is porous it will soak in more coloring leaving you with a darker result if you leave the color in too long. If your hair is a lighter shade and you are going to a darker color, your color will turn out more true to the pictured color than if going from darker to lighter hair. When lightning your hair, you shouldn't try to go too much lighter or you may end up with brassy or orange colored hair. If you really want to go a lot lighter, you will need to first bleach or strip all the color from your hair before dyeing it your chosen color. This is a very harsh process and should not be done to hair that is already very dry or damaged. You are also going to want to invest in good shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair. Once you decide what color you want to use, you need to shampoo your hair. You should also use a clarifier treatment. There are many of these available on the the market designed to remove any build up from your hair from shampoos, conditioners, styling products, the environment, or other things that could be in your water such as rust or minerals. Do not condition your hair after shampooing. Unless otherwise stated in your chosen colors packaging, color should always be applied to dry hair.

You can do a pre coloring strand test by cutting a little bit of hair from underneath and applying the hair dye to it. This will show you what color to expect depending on the amount of time you leave the dye in it. As a rule, gray hair takes longer to color because of it's texture. Once you have completed your strand test, you are ready to begin.

You will need to gather a few supplies before you apply the color to your hair. Because spilled or dripped color can permanently stain, make sure to wear clothes you won't mind getting stained. A buttoned shirt works well if you will have to shower to rinse the color from your hair - or an old swimsuit works well so you don't have to worry about changing to take a shower.

You should also have at least one old towel (again one you don't mind getting stained) to put around your shoulders. You may want to have an extra on hand in case you need to wrap your hair up in it while the color sits. You may want to do this if you have very long hair to keep it from hitting against clothes or anything else and staining it.

Also, unless you have short hair, you may want to buy 2 boxes of identical color. It's better to have too much coloring than not enough. Do not mix two different colors, chances are it will not turn out the way you thought. You also need to have a wet washcloth handy to wipe up an spill or drips, including those on your skin.

Most hair color kits come with plastic gloves, but you may want to invest in a higher quality pair. many of the ones included in kits are cheaply made and won't fit right if you don't have long slender fingers. They also rip quite easily leaving your fingers covered in dye.

Now that you have everything ready, prepare the color according to the package directions. It is important to cover your hair completely, evenly and quickly. Do not spend too much time trying to cover an area - get it covered, but get it covered fast. Spending more time on some areas means the color will sit in some places longer than others and give you an uneven look.

Time your color according to your strand test, Do not let the color stay in your hair too long! Your package instructions should give you a time limit you should not exceed. Rinse according to package instructions - some will tell you to wet hair slightly and lather before completely rinsing. It is extremely important to rinse all coloring from our hair. Any coloring left in your hair will continue to soak in and change your color. Rinse, rinse, and rinse again. Just when you think you have finished rinsing, do it again just to make sure.

Apply an after color deep conditioner - these will usually stay in the hair a few minutes before rinsing. When you are finished, simply dry and style your hair and enjoy your new look. Follow the package instructions for touch ups as your natural hair color grows out.

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