Dyeing Your Hair

Tips and hints on how to achieve the desired colour when dyeing your hair. Also, ways to ensure that the colour remains the way you want it.

When deciding to dye your hair you must first consider the colour that you want the end result to be. If you want to highlight your hair, your natural colour should be either blonde or light to medium brunette. If you have a cool skin tone use ash or beige tones, warmer skin tones should consider using golden or straw hues.

When deciding on the solution that you intend to use, consider the amount of time and upkeep you are willing to put into maintaining your colour. An all over dye will require regular re-dyes to combat different colour roots.

Deep condition your hair a few days before you intend to dye it. Always test the product on a few strands first to ensure that it is the right colour (very rarely are the results exactly the same as the picture on the box!).

Apply the solution to your hair, check every five minutes to ensure that the colour is what you want. Never leave the solution on for longer than 20 minutes. Keep a detailed record of what you did so that you can repeat it if you like the results or if the results are not as wanted you can inform the professional colourist what exactly you have done.

Roots should be done every 3 - 4 weeks with the same colour and brand that you used for the original colour. Part your hair evenly down the center, parting and from ear to ear. Clip each of the four sections seperately. Tend to each section in turn, covering the roots only.

For the last five minutes of the treatment, cover the rest of the hair to merge the colours and brighten up the rest of the hair.

To maintain the colour use a colour safe conditioner and shampoo as your regular hair care products. Use a colour boosting shampoo and conditioner at regular intervals (your stylist should be able to recommend one.) When in the sun use a hair sunscreen as sunlight can seriuosly fade your hair colour. Always test new products on a patch of hair first.

Avoid chlorine and salt water for a few days after dyeing your hair, do not apply hair dye if you have used henna in the last year.

If you are pregnant seek your doctors advice before dyeing.

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