How Early Can Parents Start Teaching Children To Be Organized?

When faced with the question "How early can parents start teaching children to be organized?" Lorie Marrero, who is the owner of "LivingOrder", a professional organization company that creates organizing solutions for homes and businesses, responds in this way: "There are obviously some children that have more aptitude for being organized than others. But you can start by creating habits from the moment you bring them home hospital. They'll always witness that you have these habits and that you have routines. For example, they'll watch you and start to realize that, 'OK this is our time when we clean up. We clean up every day and we put our toys away and there is a place for all our things.'"

On how to teach children about how to be organized, Lorie offers these tips: "One thing that we do with kids is use pictures that are displayed along with a word label. That helps their reading skills develop as well. And it's just easier for them to put something away themselves if, for example, there is a picture of a train on a storage area. Then they know that their trains go in there. In my house, we have little laminated checklists that we use to help our kids establish a morning routine. It's just there on the breakfast table where the napkins are."

In today's world, many parents have become lax on teaching their children about responsibility. Very few know what the term "chores" really even entail. Especially, if parents have to work long hours, they feel that making their children do chores, takes time away from other valuable bonding experiences. If only they would look at it as the perfect opportunity for their child to learn. Not only about having a sense of responsibility but also about his or her parents. No one says that you need to make household chores boring or do them in silence. Turn up the radio and dance around, have a "sock-rolling contest" or tell them that they can ask you as many questions as they want to while they help fold the laundry.

Another way for parents to start teaching their children how to be organized is to plan one day a week that everyone does the "deep cleaning" of the house. On this day, also plan a fun outing to go on afterwards. Tell everyone, "The sooner we get done with the chores, the faster we get to leave." Remind everyone that the more they keep organized during the week, the less everyone will have to do on the weekend before "fun-time". It may take a little while for this to catch on, but I can guarantee you that after a few Saturdays or Sundays wasted on chores that could have been kept up on during the week, the realization of "We could be out doing...right now if I would've done this yesterday like I was supposed to!" will not take long to sink in.

Every family should have a "Family Fun Day" at least once a week. By having it be the same day as "Family Chore Day" it just lets children make a conscious decision to pitch in for the benefit of the entire family, not just themselves. Being proud of their home and their contribution in keeping it neat and nice-looking is an added bonus that they will carry with them when they move into a place of their own.

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