How To Ease Corn Pain

Find out how to ease corn pain.A corn is a hard growth which develops on the toes of the foot and is usually caused by ill-fitting foot wear.

A corn is a hard growth which develops on the toes of the foot and is usually caused by ill-fitting foot wear. Friction from the insides or tops of shoes rubbing on constricted toes causes the skin to toughen and become the hard growth known as a corn. However, once a corn develops there are a variety of things you can do to help ease corn pain and prevent further build up of the corn:

1. Do regular warm water soaks on your feet. For quick, but temporary pain relief try a 10 minute soak in warm water. One method which seems strange, but some have found useful, is to add a little red wine to the water which can help to soften the corn. You may also want to try some epsom salts. You may also want to try whirlpool baths. You can do this either in a tub made for this purpose or there are a variety of whirlpool mechanisms you can place into a foot bath of water to get the water moving.

2. Wear well-fitting shoes. When you corns, any shoe will be uncomfortable, but ones with wider toes will be most comfortable. Soft shoes made of pliable leather or suede will also help reduce friction on the hardened corn areas. You may also want to line your shoes with an orthopedic device which can help absorb shock and take pressure off sore spots like your bunion.

3. Cushion your corns with corn pads. These can be bought over the counter and are sized to fit various degrees of corns. You place them around the affected area to take pressure off the corn and relieve pain. Additionally, you may want to tape your toes down. Although this may seem uncomfortable at first, the benefits over the long-term are worth it. Taping the toes down and cushioning your corns will help reduce friction in your shoes.

4. Go for corn surgery surgery. While this may seem extreme to some, it is the most effective means of long-term relief from corn pain. After all, removing the corn should remove the pressure, friction and other uncomfortable pain sensations because the corn will no longer be there. Corn surgery is a long-term solution which takes about a fifteen minutes to half an hour.

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