The Easiest Vegetables To Grow

Learn what the easiest vegetables to grow from seed are, start your vegetable garden today!

There is a wealth of easy-to-grow veggies that every gardener, no matter their skill, can find success with. Choosing varieties that are disease resistant, weather tolerant and innately hardy, can improve a gardener's chance of harvesting oodles of table ready produce!

Go for the Greens

In cooler or temperate climates, growing greens can almost be a hands free event! These include leaf lettuces of many varieties: red leaf, salad bowl, butter crunch, or bib. Stay away from head lettuces if your going for ease of growth and care. Sow the seeds thickly in rows of well-drained soil, and cover with a fine potting soil, tamping down after covering. Water well, and wait to harvest tender greens for fabulous salads! You can cut the lettuce leaves as they are growing, trimming away just what you want to eat, and leaving the core, which will prolong the growing life of the plant. You can also plant spinach or Swiss Chard, both equally as easy to grow from seed, with high yields.

Beans Anyone?

Another favorite is string or green beans. The seeds are sizable and easy to plant, especially for children. You can grow almost any variety of bean and expect success. Bluelake and Kentucky are just two varieties to look for. Bush beans don't require trellising, which make them a better choice for gardeners on the go. Drop two to three seeds per hole, and cover with compost. Beans also return nitrogen to the soil, so they offer a double benefit.

Radishes Galore!

Radishes have to be the EASIEST and quickest emerging veggie of the lot. They can poke their stout sprouts out of the soil only four days after planting, and take off like rocket ships from then on! As long as the soil is not too compact, radishes will mature in no time, with very little effort on the part of the watchful gardener. Plant the seeds in a row, and prepare to weed a few sprouts out as they pop up. Cherry Belle, Easter Egg and Sparkler are all excellent varieties to choose. Daikon is also a hot favorite!

Peas, Please

These sturdy little vines will attach themselves to almost anything, and wind their way into your hearts with their ease of growth and required care. Simply plant disease resistant varieties as early as possible next to a trellis or wood fence, and watch them go! Little Marvel is a sweet favorite.

Root Veggies - Beets, Carrots and Green Onions

Beets and carrots go hand in hand as under-the-soil good guys. Just make sure you plant them in loose, or at least friable soil, to ensure their full development. Early Wonder is a perfect beet, and their are several excellent carrot varieties, including: Tiny Tim, Thumbellina and Nantes.

Acres of Squash

Pumpkins, gourds, summer and winter squash, all seem to sprout, spread and take over the garden all on their own! Add to that zucchini and cucumbers, and you'll have patches of veggies growing in every conceivable corner! Plant the seeds three to a hill and watch them spread! Some good, easy care varieties are: Cinderella and Baby Bear Miniature for pumpkins, Straight Eight for cukes, and Early Straightneck or Crookneck for summer squash.

Come and Get 'em Corn

Grow early ripening varieties of sweet corn such as: Burpee's Extra Early Corn, Platinum Lady, and Early Sunglow and you're sure to have ears galore come harvest time. Make sure you plant the corn seeds in warm soil to prevent them from rotting during germination.

Tomatoes and Peppers

Two easy growing veggies if started from seed indoors. Simply plant them indoors in small pots with sterile soil, and transplant after all risk of frost is past. Great peppers include: Cubanella, Anaheim, Bell, Banana, and Cayenne. Tomato varieties are endless, you can choose from: Best Boy, Brandywine, Cherry, Beefsteak, Early Girl or Celebrity.

Remember to fertilize all of your vegetables regularly to keep them healthy and heavy producing. All of these veggies are easy to grow and maintain with simple care!

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