Easter: Craft Ideas For The Kids

Want to keep the children busy as you hide their Easter baskets this year? Here are some fun Easter craft ideas.

Once Easter begins to approach, children can think of little else than the Easter bunny, baskets filled with green Easter grass, Easter egg hunts in the backyard and chocolate candies. This Easter, why not keep the kids preoccupied (while you hide the eggs and fill their Easter baskets) with some fun and easy Easter crafts.

Bunny Ears

If you are throwing an Easter party or having an Easter egg hunt for kids, why not have them all make some bunny ears to wear during the party or hunt? Get some white poster board and cut it into strips about two inches wide and long enough that it will fit around a child's head. Give the children some markers and crayons and have them decorate one side of the white strip with their names and Easter drawings, like bunnies and eggs. Give each child one piece of white construction paper and one piece of pink construction paper (you may want to give the boys a piece of blue construction paper instead, if they raise a fuss about the pink color). Tell the children to cut out (with child-safe scissors) two ears from the white construction paper. Then have them cut out two ears from the pink (or blue) construction paper that is slightly smaller than the white ears. Using glue or a glue stick, have the children paste the pink (or blue) ear in the center of the white ear. Once it dries, staple the bunny ears onto the center of the white poster board strip (staple the ears on the white part of the poster board with the pink part of the ears facing towards the decorated side of the poster board. Staple the two ends of the white poster board strip to fit the child's head.

Confetti Eggs

An Easter tradition is to pop or crack colored egg shells filled with confetti over a person's head. Have an adult use a small needle to crack a small hole on the top of the egg (the thinner part of the egg) and then empty the eggshell of the egg inside. Once the eggs have dried out, arm the children with different dyes (made of food coloring and water), so they can dye the eggs beautiful colors. When the eggs are finally dry, rest them in an egg carton and have the children fill the eggs with confetti. Have the kids cut out small square pieces of colorful tissue paper. When the egg is full of confetti, put a thin line of glue on the edges of the tissue paper square and glue it over the hole in the egg, to keep the confetti from falling out. On Easter, arm each child with a dozen confetti eggs that they can crack on each other's heads.

Baby Chick

In a bottom half of an egg shell or in a half of a colorful Easter egg, glue a cotton ball. Glue a second cotton ball directly on the other cotton ball. This will form the body of your Easter chick. Cut out two small black circles from black construction paper (or you can use a hole punch to make the small circles) and glue them onto the top cotton ball to make the eyes of your chick. If you prefer, you can also use the wiggly eyes bought at craft stores. Cut out a diamond shape from some orange construction paper and fold it in half so that it forms a triangle. Glue the bottom half of the triangle onto the top cotton ball to form the chick's beak. Use these Easter chicks as decoration around the house or at a party.

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