Easter Crafts For Children

This is a small collection of easter crafts for children and the whole family.

Easter is fun Holiday and a time for sharing and being together. This is a small collection of Easter Crafts for the whole family to enjoy together.

Duck Paper Chain

You will need:

Long strip of white paper, (3in.X 24in.)







1. Take the strip of paper and fold it concertina-style, where it looks like an accordion, when finished folding you should have a book about 2 1/2in x 3in.

2. Place the book flat and draw or trace a picture of a duck, when drawing the duck connect his tummy, beak and tail to the edge and fold at the sides. Cut round the top of the duck through all the layers.

3. Open the concertina, you should have six duck silhouettes. Take the pencil and draw in the wings, eyes and beaks to match the first duck you drew.

4. Take the paint or markers and color in a pond around the duck, and paint or color the ducks.

Chicken Hat

You will need:

Yellow pompoms

Green poster board

Red poster board

Green crepe paper

Small craft eyes




1. Take the green cardboard and cut out a circle six inches across. Then take the circle and cut out one-fourth of it and connect the ends making a cone, tape together the ends to hold it into place.

2. Gather ten yellow pompoms, then take the red poster board and cut our two feet and one triangular beak for each pompom. Glue the feet and beaks onto the pompoms.

3. Take the small craft eyes and glue to eyes on each chicken.

4. With the green crepe paper, cut zigzag to make grass pieces.

5. Then take the chickens and glue onto the hat with pieces of grass in between each chick on front and back of hat.

6. Let stand for thirty minutes to make sure completely dry.

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