Easter: Ideas For Games And Activities At Your Children's Easter Party

Planning on having an Easter party for your child? Here are some fun activities and games you can play at your next Easter event.

Easter brings to mind colorful eggs, egg hunts, candies galore and the Easter Bunny. Children wake up and rush downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny made a stop at their home to drop off a basket full of sweet goodies. If your child is planning on having an Easter party this year, make sure to make it extra fun by having several games and activities lined up for the kids to play.

Easter Egg Hunt

What kind of Easter party could go on without a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt? A few days before the party, hard boil a few dozen eggs and then dye them bright colors. Get a few bags of candies and some colorful plastic eggs. You can put dollar bills or small Easter toys in these plastic eggs for special surprises. Before all the kids arrive for the party, scatter the candies and eggs around the back yard. If the weather is too wet or cold, scatter the candies and eggs indoors, but be sure to set rules about running so nothing gets broken or stomped on. Make sure that all of the kids bring their Easter baskets. Do a 3 second countdown and then let the kids loose in the yard (or living room) to hunt for their treats. Let the kids have time to share and trade candies and eggs, but do not let them go to town and eat all the candy they desire. Allow each child only one or two pieces of candy, so you are not left with a big group of wild and sugared-up kids!

Scavenger Hunt

If the children are a bit older, create a scavenger hunt for the kids. Divide the children up into two or three teams and hand them each the same first clue or question. For example, if you end up having three groups, you could hide three blue eggs in the front yard. The first clue could read, "Find the blue goose egg near the flower bed." Each team must search for the blue egg. Once they find it, there will be a second clue or question attached to it. The first team to get all of the clues wins. The prize could be something like a small bag of candies, an Easter basket full of goodies or a small gift certificate.

Easter Candy Count

For a quick and simple game, fill a large jar with different candies and treats. Be sure to count exactly how many candies you are adding to the jar. Have each child write down a guess of how many candies are in the jar. The child that gets closest to the real answer wins the jar of candy! You can have an Easter-related trivia question ready, in the event of a tie.

Cotton Football

Divide the children at the party into two teams. Have each team stand at different sides of a table, spread across the length of the table. Place ten cotton balls in the center of the table. When you say, "Go," the teams must blow on the cotton balls to try and make them over to the other side. The teams will have to be both offensive and defensive, doing their best to prevent any cotton balls from crossing their line. When the last cotton ball is blown off the table, count the cotton balls on each side of the table. Whichever team had the least amount of cotton balls, wins.

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