Easy bathtub cleaning tips

This is a starter's guide to cleaning a bathtub quickly, easily, and effectively. It gives tips on how to prepare, completing the job, and then finishing up.

I know that I am not the only person who has ever dreaded cleaning the bathtub. For some reason, cleaning a bathtub can seem like a rather daunting task. As I thought about writing this article, I considered titling it, "I learned the hard way," as that is exactly how I have learned most everything I know about cleaning a bathtub. Sometimes learning the hard way is best way to learn though. Through this process of trial and error I have learned quite a few things about cleaning bathtubs that can help anyone make this task less of a challenge.

First of all, it is important to properly prepare to clean. Be careful about what you wear. It was to my unpleasant surprise that even powdered cleaners can be rather potent. A couple of pairs of my favorite sweat pants will never be the same. Even though I thought I was so careful about not getting the substance on my clothes, the faded colors on my pants are proof that powdered cleaner is a sneaky substance. So, anyhow, my best advice is to wear old clothes that you do not mind staining.

Also, it is very important to wear gloves. It does not matter what type of gloves you wear, but I have found latex gloves (the type worn by doctors) to be the most comfortable and versatile. They feel like a second skin, but they protect well against harsh chemicals. I found out about the necessity of gloves the hard way, as I started to feel the sting of the cleaner eating away at my skin. This was an unpleasant experience, that I recommend avoiding at all cost.

Before you get started, there's just one more thing to do. Remove all items from your tub. This includes bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, soap, loofahs, etc. I usually put this all in a mop bucket until I am finished.

Now for the actual cleaning of the tub. When I was little, I remember that my mom always cleaned with the green powder in the green can. This seemed like too much trouble to me. When I finally had my own place, with my own bathtub to clean, I figured I'd do things my own way, an easier way. I decided to use my favorite cleaning supplies ever: all purpose spray bottle cleaner and paper towels. This had worked for everything else I cleaned, it must work for my bathtub too, right? Well, I was quickly awakened to two things about this method of cleaning my bathtub. First of all, it really doesn't work all that well. Who would have guessed that all purpose cleaner doesn't really remove built up soap scum? Second, my bathtub looked gross again in just a few days.

This prompted me to switch to my mom's old favorite cleaner, the green powder in the green can, Comet. This happens to now be my favorite cleaner as well, but there are other powdered cleaners on the market that will do the job just as well. Now a few tips on using these powdered cleaners. It's a good idea to wet the whole tub down FIRST. I learned, of course the hard way, that spreading powder on a dry tub is not very effective. It just does not spread. So first, wet down the entire tub and then spread powder everywhere.

Next, using a large bristle-style scrub brush, scrub the powder around the tub, making sure to cover every nook and cranny. Don't try too hard scrubbing though. This is not the time to go crazy trying to remove stains. Just spread that lathered powder everywhere first, then take a break. It is best to let the cleaner sit for a few minutes and give it a chance to really do its work. Then, you can go back in a little bit and it will be much easier to scrub those stains.

During this break, it may be a good time to go through all of those bottles that were put aside at the beginning. Shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles, and other items can get gunk built up on the bottom. Why clean your tub beautifully just to place a dirty bottle down on the surface as soon as you have finished. Take a minute to clean bath items and your tub will stay cleaner for longer.

After you have given the cleaner a few minutes to sit, now it's time to go back and scrub a little more, just to work at any stains that were not coming up before. Give it a quick once over and then rinse the tub out thoroughly. I like to use a the shower head and then a bucket for any areas the shower head could not reach. For the sake of your health, make sure you rinse every last drop of cleaner from the bathtub.

Following the rinse, if there are still stains showing that you were unable to remove, there is one last thing that can work miracles. Recently, I have discovered the greatest invention ever: The Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. This is the most amazing tool. It is like a sponge, but the cleaner is all inside. You simply wet the sponge, and scrub the stain. Usually with just a light touch, the stain will come right off. This works on anything, even walls, but I have found it particularly helpful in cleaning the bathtub. They are fairly inexpensive and they can be used over and over again.

Once you are completely finished cleaning and rinsing, dry off excess water with a towel to leave a streak free shine that will last. If you follow these simple tips, cleaning your bathtub can be a much easier task.

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