Easy Craft Idea: Decorating A Journal Cover

Making crafts simple. Here are directions on how to use acrylic paints to decorate a journal. Great as gifts!

Here are some easy ways to decorate a plain journal and transform it into a personalized gift for those you cherish. A journal is such a personal item for anyone, and what would make it more personal than a hand decorated cover? Nothing!

The first thing you need to do is locate a source for journals that have plain, sturdy, light colored covers. This is fairly simple. Just browse through the section of any discount or department store and you will find something suitable. Also, try dollar stores - they often times have very "boring" journals that only cost $1.00. These types are perfect for those of you who want to decorate several at a time, assembly line style.

Here are the other supplies that you will need:

1. white acrylic paint

2. pencil

3. small paint brushes

4. acrylic craft paints in the colors of your choice

5. black or other dark colored paint pens

6. clear, semi gloss poly acrylic paint (avail. at hardware and paint stores)

Follow these directions for the best results:

1. Paint the front cover of your journal white. Be very neat!

2. Let dry for an hour.

3. Paint the back cover of your journal white.

4. Let dry for an hour.

5. Draw your chosen image, pattern, or words onto the front cover.

6. Fill in the shapes on the front cover with the acrylic paints using the small paint brushes.

7. Let dry.

8. Fill in the shapes on the back cover in the same manner.

9. Let dry.

10. Outline front and back covers with the paint pens.

11. Let dry a few minutes.

12. Coat front cover with the clear paint.

13. Let dry.

14. Coat back cover with the clear paint.

15. Let dry.

All done! That was easy! If you are producing more than one journal, use the dry time for each step as drawing time for the other journals, white paint application, etc.

Here are some other ways you can decorate a journal cover: use glue to adhere feathers, buttons, beads, magazine cutouts and so on. The possibilities are endless!

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