Easy Decoration Ideas For Small Parade Floats

Use these ideas to take the stress out of decorating your small float. Keeping it easy will also keep it fun.

Participating in a parade can be a lot of fun. It can also be a lot of stress. Use these ideas to take the stress out of decorating your small float by keeping it easy.

First of all, balloons are fabulous for decorating a float. They are so popular because they are inexpensive. There are many ways to attach balloons to a float. You can tape the balloon ends using masking or packaging tape. If they aren't sticking well, duct tape is also an option but it may not come back off easily so you might want to think twice depending on what you will be taping the balloons onto. If you are planning on using cardboard you can attach the balloons onto that. If using thin cardboard, just about any kind of tape will work. If using corrugated cardboard or even plywood, a staple gun will securely attach the balloons. Just be sure not to staple the end past the knot or you might pop the balloons.

Crepe paper is essential to quick and easy decoration. Also known as "streamers" this paper comes in a variety of colors and lengths and is very easy on the budget. All it takes to attach crepe paper is tape, however you may want to consider decorating the float shortly before the parade. Crepe paper is likely to rip if the float is moved at highway speeds so it's best to decorate once you are near where the parade will take place. If making a float on a truck bed you can tape the crepe paper to the roof of the cab and run it down to the end of the truck bed sides. For extra flair, twist the crepe paper as you are unrolling it from one end to the other. If your float can handle some form of pole in the middle you can use crepe paper to make a maypole effect. Attach several strands of crepe paper to the top and run it out to the sides of the float. You can then have people sit under it. This works really well for a Christmas parade because you can use green crepe paper and put a star at the top of the pole and you have yourself a Christmas tree.

Crepe paper can also be made into flowers or bows. Lay down a piece the length of the flower or bow you desire. Don't cut it off of the roll. Instead run the paper back the other direction. Then you lie it down and run it again in the first direction. You're basically making a pile of crepe paper without cutting it. Once you've gotten about 6 or so loops (that means you've gone back and forth about 6 times), then cut the crepe paper and twist a pipe cleaner around the middle of your crepe paper pile. Then gently pull the loops to turn them into a flower or bow (so if you went back and forth 6 times you should have 12 petals). If you can't get them to stay the way you want them to, tape will keep it in place. You could make a few flowers or bows and add them to your float or you keep even make a whole bunch of them and cover your float with them.

Another way to make flowers is to use tissue paper. You take two pieces of square or rectangular tissue paper and place them on top of each other with the points opposing (that means looking down one will be a square and the other a diamond). Then pick them both up by pinching the middle. You then twist the middle slightly to make a stem. Once you have enough of a stem twist a pipe cleaner around the stem. You then have a flower. You can also use two different colors of tissue paper per flower for an even more interesting look. These can be attached to the float with just tape.

Last of all don't forget some old favorites. Christmas lights are great as long as you can put the accurate power source on your float. Christmas garland of any kind is very easy to use. Whether it is faux pine or sparkly, shiny, tinsel garland or anything in between, it will cover your float quickly. Also, if you have a parade of a different holiday you may want to consider buying Christmas garland. If you have a St. Patrick's Day parade it's easy to find lots of green at Christmas so buy your supplies then. Sometimes Christmas garland is sold in colors other than red and green. Consider pink and blue for an Easter parade or your school colors, which are perfect for a home coming parade. And of course, poster board and markers work well. This is a great option if a group is making a float because each person could make their own poster. That way everyone feels involved.

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