Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

A list of easy Halloween costume ideas and short how-to instructions on creating Halloween costumes at the last minute.

Whether you've waited until the last minute or are looking for frugal ways to costume while still being creative, you are sure to find at least one idea here that will work for you.

The possibilities for costuming just by using a simple sweat outfit with a hood are near endless. Listed below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Lady Bug

You'll need one, red, hooded sweatsuit, black felt, two Styrofoam balls, glitter, and two, black pipe cleaners. Cut several circles out of the black felt. Use the fabric glue to apply the "spots" in place on the back of the sweatshirt and hood. Coat the Styrofoam balls in glue, then roll in glitter. Once dry, push a pipe cleaner into each ball. Bend the pipe cleaners to give a crinkly, antennae effect. Attach to the inside of the hood with fabric glue, although a couple stitches will help the antennae survive through the night.


You'll need one, green, hooded sweatsuit and light green felt. Cut twenty small triangles to use as claws and a jagged edge strip an equal length of your child's head to lower back with one side being straight. Make cuts along the straight edge about every two inches. Use fabric glue to apply the claws under the hem of the pantlegs and sleeves. When attaching the "fin", begin with the hood, splaying every other cut two inches to the left, then right. It'll make the fin stand up, if anchored securely.

A Bunch of Grapes

You'll need one, purple, hooded sweatsuit, green felt, brown pipe cleaners, and a bag of purple balloons. Create a cap by cutting a circle the size of your child's head from the green felt. Measure the circumference of his head and cut a strip of felt with straight edges with a four and a half-inch width. Stitch the strip to the edge of the circle, then complete the seam. Don't worry if your stitches aren't pretty. You'll be turning it inside out to glue on top of the hood. Wrap two or three pipe cleaners around a pencil. Affix to the cap with either fabric glue or a few more stitches. Blow up the balloons, then attach to the sweatsuit.


You'll need one, brown hooded sweatsuit, fake fur, eyeliner, and brown felt. Line the hem of the hood with fake fur. Cut a strip from the felt for a tail and two half circles for ears. Use fabric glue to paste ears in place. Give them a bit of a bend when attaching so it appears the ears are erect and listening. Glue a tuft of fur onto the end of the strip of felt. Attach tail to the rear of the sweatpants. Draw on whiskers and a triangle nose with the eyeliner.


You'll need one, grey hooded sweatsuit, grey and pink felt, and black eyeliner. Cut two large half circles from the grey felt and two smaller circles from the pink felt. Glue the pink circles onto the grey half circles. Use fabric glue to affix ears on top of the hood. Cut a strip from the grey felt ensuring that you have a pointed tip on the tail. Glue tail into place. With the eyeliner pencil, draw on whiskers and a nose.


You'll need one, white, hooded sweatsuit, white and pink felt, a large pompon ball, an eyeliner pencil, and pink lipstick. Cut out bunny ears from the white felt and pink inserts. Glue the inserts into place, then attach ears to the hood. Paste the pompon tail onto the rear of the sweatpants. Use the eyeliner to draw on whiskers and dab the nose with lipstick.


You'll need one, pink, hooded sweatsuit, matching pink felt, a thick, pink pipe cleaner, pink lipstick, and black eyeliner. Cut triangular shapes with rounded edges for ears from the pink felt. Attach ears with fabric glue onto the hood. Curl the pipe cleaner around your finger, then glue and stitch to the rear of the sweatsuit. Give the tail a little pull so that it looks springy. Pink the nose with lipstick and emphasize the nostrils with eyeliner.


You'll need one, black, hooded sweatsuit, a red strip of felt, black string, and black felt. Create a mask out of the felt, cutting out eyeholes for your child. Punch holes through the ends of the mask and thread through string. Tie the mask behind your child's head. With the hood up, wrap the red strip of felt around his head, and tie in a neat knot behind. You can pick up plastic weaponry, but making your own is fun, too.


The ghost has to be the easiest last minute costume. Simply take a white sheet, cut out circles for eyes, then drape over your child's head.


Pack your child into really small pants, a white T-shirt, a long sleeve shirt buttoned incorrectly, a pair of glasses with tape on the bridge, a pocket full of pens, and a large book covered in paper with the word "Calculus" written in black magic marker.


You'll need a white sheet, Caribou type fur or white fluff, poster board, white pipe cleaners, iridescent, silver, or gold glitter, and either white, silver, or gold cord. Draw wings onto the poster board, then cut them out making sure you leave a rectangular piece in between for a more secure pair of wings. Coat the wings with glue or clear acrylic paint and cover with glitter. Cut a hole in the sheet the size of your child's head. Line the opening with fur as well as the edges of the wings. Create a halo out of three or more long pipe cleaners, a circle for the head, the attachment piece, and the halo. Wrap a strip of fur around the halo and tie ends together. Punch holes in the upper and lower inside points of the wings. Thread the cord through the holes and tie them around your child's shoulders. If you know how to sew, you could make sleeves and line the ends with fur as well. A few dabs of body glitter on the face is a nice touch, too.


For this costume, all you need is loud clothes such as an Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, a hat, a map, a camera, and a dufflebag or other small piece of travel luggage. Stick the map in the brim of the hat and use the luggage as a treat bag.


You'll need a few yards of netting, four inch width ribbon, faux flower petals and leaves, a pastel leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. You can use as many different colors of netting that you'd like to because you'll need to layer three or four for a billowy effect. Measure your child's waist, then using a whip stitch or fabric glue, fold the ribbon in half over one hem of the layered, net skirt, leaving enough ribbon left over to tie in a bow. Cut the opposite hem intro triangular points. Under each layer, affix flower petals and leaves to the netting. Add a few more to your child's hair. If you have the time, you could make a garland of flowers for her head and a wand to match.


The ballerina costume is basically a repeat of the fairy. Skip the triangular points and the flower petals and leaves and substitute them for rosebuds. Pull her hair into a bun and circle it with rosebuds as well.

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