Easy Holiday Crafts: Personalized Flowerpots Perfect For Christmas

Pot those holiday flowers in a homemade pot that will look worlds better than anything you will be able to find at the store.

Poinsettias are part of every household's essential holiday d├ęcor. When you buy them at the store they tend to come in unattractive pots. Sometimes they come in cheap plastic pots or sometimes the plastic pot is wrapped in shiny, holiday-colored foil. Foil does not make for a breath-taking arrangement. Pot those holiday flowers in a homemade pot that will look worlds better than anything you will be able to find at the store.


Modeling clay, non-toxic, hardening

Craft glue

2 clay pots

Dark green acrylic paint

Light green acrylic paint

Dark red acrylic paint

Light red acrylic paint

Crackle medium


Stamps with raised holiday designs

Step-by-step instructions:

1) Cut modeling clay into 2 inch pieces. For two flowerpots you will need six 2-inch pieces.

2) Roll each 2-inch piece into a round ball

3) With the palm of your hand, flatten the ball against the table to make it into an oval. The oval should be about a quarter of an inch in thickness.

4) Take holiday stamp that has a raised design and firmly press it into the center of each piece of oval clay. If you have various designs, (for example, a Christmas tree, a snowman, and a holly leaf) only use one stamp per piece of clay. More than one stamp per oval will crowd the design.

5) Different brands of modeling clay might have different instructions for drying the clay. Be sure you dry the clay you purchased according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. If there aren't specific instructions, don't worry. You should be able to tell by touching the clay whether it is dry or not. When in doubt, leave it overnight.

6) When the clay is dry, glue one oval to the center of the pot, stamped side facing out using the craft glue. Place two other ovals on the same pot, evenly spaced. The oval can be spread out to cover all sides of the pot or you can cluster them toward the front.

7) Allow the glue to dry before moving on.

8) Take one pot, design and all, and paint it dark red, inside and out.

9) Allow the paint to dry thoroughly

10) Apply the crackle medium to the painted pot. You can choose to apply the crackle to only the outside and leave the inside painted dark red for contrast or you can apply crackle to both the inside and outside of the pot. Be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer when applying the crackle medium.

11) Apply the lighter red paint over the dark read painted pot after you have applied the crackle.

12) Allow time for the paint to dry. As the paint and crackle medium dry together, you will start to see dark red crackles show through the light red paint. For a subtle effect, use shades with less contrast

13) Follow the same steps with the next pot using the dark green paint first, followed by light green paint.

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