Easy No Sew Curtains

Easy, no sew curtains! Tired of those old curtains but don't have the money for new ones? Make curtains in just minutes following these easy instructions. No sewing required.

Are you tired of those mangy old curtains you've had hanging in your living room for years but you don't have the money to buy expensive new ones?

Well, here's a solution: Look in your linen closet! You can make replacements for those old curtains in just minutes, and you can make them without sewing one little stitch. You won't need sewing machines or needles or even thread.

Do you know what you're going to use? Old bed linens! Do you have old sheets tucked in the back of the closet that you don't use anymore? Maybe you have the sheets for a full-size bed and you only have queen and twin beds in your bedrooms, but you just can't bear to throw them out because they're just too pretty. Well, take them out of the closet and look them over. Are they still in good condition? If so, you're in luck. Let's get started!

Here's how to do it:

Do you see that seam that runs along the top of the sheet? Is it sewn shut securely on both sides, or is it open on the ends? If it is sewn shut, rip out the stitches only in the sides of the top seam.

If it isn't sewn shut, all you have to do is cut the sheet in half. Then either leave both pieces the same length to make floor-length curtains, or measure and cut them to fit your window. Make sure to leave enough room (at least one inch) at the bottom for a hem.

Then reach for the iron and get out a packet of iron-on hem adhesive. If you don't have any iron-on hem adhesive, you can buy it at any chain or craft store.

Set the iron to the advised setting, and hem the curtain with the adhesive according to the instructions on the package. Next, hem the raw sides of the curtains with the iron and the hem adhesive, making sure to leave the seam area at the top open. You will want to be able to run the curtain rod through this opening.

Hang them up and see how they look. You may want to tie back your new curtains with a strip of lace, or you could cut a strip of material off of the sheet before you make curtains from it. Simply fold the strip of material in half lengthwise and attach it with the hem adhesive, leaving the ends open. Then very carefully turn the tie-back inside out to leave the hem inside, and hem the ends.

Also, attractive ropes or garlands to use as tie-backs are very inexpensive and are available at most chain stores. After all, your curtains cost practically nothing, so you can afford it!

Floral sheets can make wonderful curtains, and they look great in living or family rooms, even bedrooms. You can make matching throw pillows by taking the pillow cases that match the sheets and stuffing them with polyester fiberfill. Then turn the open ends of the cases inward and fuse them together with the hem adhesive.

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