Easy Window Treatments For Bay Windows

ideas for making your bay windows a beautiful and unified addition to your room

Bay windows are a beautiful element to have in a home, but they can cause two major dilemmas when it comes to creating window treatments. The first is making the bay window work with the rooms' furniture arrangement. The second dilemma is decorating the windows in a way that will unify them with each other and enhance the beauty of the windows. Here are some ideas for making your bay windows a beautiful addition to your room.

Create a reading nook: To create a cozy reading area, find a bench or chaise that will fit within the area without sticking out too much. Then install a topper or cornice board straight across the ceiling from the front corners of the two side windows. Beneath that, add side simple store bought side panels. This will frame or create an entry area for your reading nook. Against the windows, install sheers or mini blinds. Add several matching pillows for comfort. Display your favorite books in or near the reading nook. The result will be a multi layered, beautiful, and functional window. If your side panels are made to be fully functional so that they close, you will also have a fun hiding place.

Transform your bay windows into a display area: Install a topper or cornice board and side panels as illustrated in the previous example. Against the windows, install a sheer window treatment that will soften the light coming into the window while still allowing natural light to come in. Sheers and pleated shades would work well for this. Instead of inserting a seating area, display a statue or a glass backed curio cabinet. Allow the sun to highlight and your favorite collection.

Treat the bay windows as part of the room: Unify the bay windows with the room by treating it as an extra seating area. Installing sturdy wood blinds, or plantation shutters to the bay window will allow you to sit in the window without accidentally destroying the treatments. A simple curtain topper or cornice board will give the window color and coordinate it with the room. Have a window seat installed with a matching cushion and pillows to finish off the look. You will not only have dressed your bay windows, but also added extra seating to the room. The same can be done in a kitchen or dining area with the table pulled up to it and chairs on the other sides or the table.

Other ideas for window treatments:

Café curtains look great and are an inexpensive and simple way to dress bay windows. Install the Café curtains with the top rod at center height and a second rod at the bottom to keep the curtains in place. Add a matching topper against the windows, or leave them bare.

Mini blinds or pleated shades also help to create a unifying look for bay windows. To make them more interesting you can purchase blinds that open from the top down.

Balloon curtains or roman shades are another great way to dress bay windows. Even though each is hung at its separate window, they help soften the window frame and give the impression of one cohesive window.

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