Easy Wreath Making Ideas

You won't believe how easy it is to make wreaths of all sorts with a few ideas and suggestions listed below.

Shopping for holiday decorations is fun but often costly. Making the items yourself is even more enjoyable because you save money and get to make it your own way. Wreaths aren't strictly for holidays any more. Baby shower wreaths and welcome wreaths are just a couple non-holiday designs you can make.

For most wreaths you'll need either a wire, grapevine or a straw ring. The wire rings are sturdy and thin. The straw rings have a much larger diameter than the wire ones but aren't suitable for all wreaths. Grapevine wreaths are like twigs that are entwined. The type of ring you need depends largely upon what type of wreath you will be making.

Grapevine wreaths are actually the easiest wreaths to make since you simply hot glue some items to it and add a bow. They can be painted or natural and still look great. Groups of berries, small flowers, green vines or little trinkets can be easily attached to the grapevine. Grapevine wreaths come in many shapes like hearts that look great with just a bow.

Straw rings are simplistic. Use pins, glue or wire ties to affix the decorations. Cut 4" squares of cloth with pinking shears then scrunch them in the middle. Use a pin or hot glue to hold in place. Cover the entire surface with the scrunched squares then add a bow. Don't forget to cover the inside and outside of the ring. Wrap wide cloth ribbon around the ring until covered. Now add trinkets, pine cones, flowers or other items along with a bow to complete the project. Scrunch pink or blue diapers in the middle then glue or pin them onto the wreath. Add baby pacifiers, booties and other baby related novelties to complete a baby shower wreath. Use any number of things to completely cover the straw ring. You can use styrene fruits, strands of beads, whatever you want as long as it completely covers the ring.

Wire rings are easy to work with since you mainly tie or strap items to them. One really nice wreath that's time consuming but very easy is to tie on sandwich bags. Cut the flap of the bag so it will lay evenly with the other and cut off the bottom seam. Fold the bag in half lengthways then in half again. Center the bag on the wreath and tie once, tightly. Continue this procedure until the ring is covered in sandwich bags. Now separate the layers of the bag and fluff them. Scrunch them together tightly and add more if possible. When the ring is full tie on a bow and affix small trinkets with thin wire or thread. The same thing can be done by using colored trash bags. Remove the bottom seam and cut the bag into thirds. Fold each section in half lengthways, then again. Tie onto the ring in the same manner as the sandwich bags. Tie on just about anything: cloth, ribbon, paper, in the same manner.

An old artificial Christmas tree can be turned into several nice wreaths. Use leftover or unwanted branches for this project. Remove the thread or wire that holds the branches to the metal stem. Wrap the pine branches around a metal or straw ring until full. Now add ornaments and a bow for a perfect Christmas wreath.

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