Eating Healthy: How To Change Your Attitude Towards Food

Changing your attitude to live and eat healthier, easily.

Eating healthy is something that many people unfortunately struggle with.The lure of fast food and other easy and fast choices leads people to pick whatever's available or seems to taste the best.Most know that they should make better choices, but something always seems to get in the way of making that better choice.

However, changing this pattern doesn't have to be hard.Simply take a few moments to think about it.First of all, most people want the absolute best thing NOW.Each meal, they choose carefully what would taste best, and frequently end up coming up with something full of fat and practically nutritionless.The alternative is to be totally apathetic about food, and to choose whatever's as fast as possible - frequently fast food or something frozen, both of which are loaded with unhealthy fat and/or preservatives.

Either attitude is negative, but that can be changed.Instead of thinking about taste or speed, think about the way your body feels.When you pour lots of heavy, fatty foods into it, it tends to feel weighed down, lethargic, and unhealthy.If you eat healthy food, your body feels lighter, more energetic, and healthier.You can do everything easier, from working out to sitting still to sleeping!

Surround yourself with healthy, easy food choices.Choose the things you like but usually, for whatever reason, don't pick.Choose baked or mashed potatoes instead of fried potatoes.Add a salad to your meal (with low-fat dressing and lots of vegetables).If preparing salad seems like too much trouble, buy some pre-packaged salad and add your favorite vegetables to the mix.Wash and chop them up all at once and keep them in your fridge for whenever you want a salad.Have some pasta with tomato sauce instead of cream sauce, and add some chicken breast and cheese to it (not fried chicken).

All of these are easy choices to make, because you likely do enjoy these foods.Make a list of things to stock your home with: frozen fruit and vegetables, pasta, tomato sauce, chicken breast, chicken and beef broth, canned tomatoes (stewed or otherwise), cheese, whole wheat bread, low-fat lunch meats, and more.Look for them on sale (you can find great bargains on all of these items if you know where to look) and you won't pay too much for them at all.

Make it easy to make good choices.Keep the healthy foods in your house and find easy ways to prepare them.Throw together pasta and a can of stewed tomatoes for a very quick dinner.Put frozen fruit and 100% juice in the blender for a fruit smoothie.If you're tempted to make a poor choice, stop and think how you'll feel after the meal.Five extra minutes could get you a meal that will give you energy all night long, instead of heartburn.

The biggest part of eating healthy is really changing your attitude about healthy foods.You don't have to waste time to prepare them; they don't have to taste bad.You don't have to buy sneaky substitutes and follow "weird" recipes like you see on TV.Eating healthy is much simpler than that.Eat fresh, basic foods and you won't go wrong.And the more you eat healthy foods, the more your cravings (and even tolerance!) for the heavier, fattier foods will disappear.You'll want far less of them than you used to.You'll also feel better.And then, you can even indulge!Have a cookie if you want one (one, not ten).Get a scoop of ice cream (not a monster sundae).A little indulgence and a lot of healthy eating will leave you feeling great, and you'll lose weight and/or reshape your body even if you don't exercise (although you should, and eating well will leave you more motivated to do that).

Get your attitude towards food turned around, and you'll start a lifetime pattern of healthy eating.

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