Edenpure Heaters

By Isabel Prontes

  • Overview

    Edenpure is a company that specializes in producing portable heaters. Edenpure heaters are notable because they are supposed to reduce your heating bill by up to 50%. There are a lot of different Edenpure heater models that are available for purchase. Edenpure heaters utilize an advanced quartz infrared heating system that is known to be very safe and effective.
    Edenpure Heaters
  • Benefits

    Edenpure heaters are believed to help you save money on your heating bill. They also utilize a heating system that can never get high enough to a temperature that could start a fire, so it is considered to be a very safe portable heating option. Also, the outside of the heaters never gets hot enough to injure - the units do stay warm, but the risk of a child or a pet running into one and getting burned is nonexistent.
  • Significance

    Other than typical safety precautions and saving money, Edenpure heaters also may benefit you significantly in other ways. These heaters claim to be beneficial to your health, as they do not reduce humidity (unlike traditional fireplaces, furnaces, propane burners and regular space heaters), so you won't dry out your skin or irritate your sinuses.

  • Function

    Edenpure heaters heat rooms very evenly, so no one part of the room is going to get too heated while another part remains cold. You get even, extensive, wall to wall and ceiling to floor heating with this portable heating device. Unlike the vast majority of other space heaters, these heaters can heat areas beyond just a few feet away.
  • Features

    Some features of Edenpure heaters include push button controls, caster wheels or rubber swivel wheels, a washable lifetime filter, a remote control, a three year manufacturer's warranty, three power settings, enhanced digital range thermostats, a fiber heating plate system and many others.
  • Theories/Speculation

    If you want to purchase an Edenpure heater, you can do so at many online vendors including Edenpure Store, Edenpure Sale, Pure Energy Store, Eden Pure Midwest, Tac2Supply, ABC Vacuum Warehouse, Infrared Appliances, Green is Better, Spend Less on Heat, and various others.
  • Considerations

    Even though it is often stated that Edenpure portable heaters will save customers a lot of money, many Edenpure customers actually complain that it does the opposite - provides too little heat for too much money. Edenpure portable heaters have 1,500 watts, which mean they only heat about 150 square feet, which might be better if it was a supplemental heater combined with another more centralized heat source. You might have to buy more than one Edenpure heater to actually get the proper heating that you'd need!
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