How Effective Is Hypnosis With Weight Loss?

How effective is hypnosis with weight loss? Hypnosis can be used to treat weight loss. I don't really know of any studies about hypnosis in weight loss, but it's the same thing as smoking cessation. People...

I don't really know of any studies about hypnosis in weight loss, but it's the same thing as smoking cessation. People who smoke cigarettes and who overeat or eat the wrong things or don't exercise they will often tell you the same thing. They just "ended up standing at the refrigerator" or "I noticed my hand was moving to my mouth" or "I had answered the phone, and before I knew it, there was a cigarette in my mouth;" its automatic behaviour. It's not something that they decide to do consciously and that's why it's so difficult sometimes to change. Your unconscious mind literally has one set of instructions, your conscious mind says "I am going to do that from now on, I am going to exercise, I am going to eat right, and I am going to stop smoking." These two sets of instructions battle it out and in most cases the unconscious mind wins because it is much more powerful.

Hypnosis helps us to get into that part of the mind that carries these instructions and influences that part of the mind. People overeat for a reason. They don't do it for any reason at all. They have learned that behavior at some point. Maybe they were lonely when they were a child and eating helped them feel more comfortable. Maybe they felt empty and they felt fulfilled after they ate. Or maybe they smoked as a rebellion against their parents so when they feel lonely or they feel like they need to rebel, they will reach for those old habits. That old behavior pattern is in there even though it isn't working for them anymore. So if you can find out the motivation for the pattern and get in there and help their unconscious mind find some better way to achieve that need that they are trying to fill, it will help them. That old way of thinking will no longer have negative consequences for them. People have done full surgery with hypnosis as the only anesthesia. So when the subconscious mind has the right motivation, or the right set of instructions, and it can keep you from feeling a knife cutting through your abdomen, certainly it can reduce craving for cigarettes.

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