How Effective Is Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

How effective is hypnosis for weight loss? Hypnosis has been shown more effective for weight loss than diet pills or diet shakes. I think we have plenty of research out there that proves out that hypnosis...

I think we have plenty of research out there that proves out that hypnosis is by far one of the best ways to take the weight off. Nothing is 100%. With hypnosis, once you learn about the habits, people that tend to take the weight off. Hypnosis will keep it off longer and perhaps even permanently. That's the big difference. It's not a diet where you are told to drink certain shakes or take certain pills. Hypnosis works with going right to the local grocery store buying the food that you want. That inner voice of wisdom that tells you something isn't good for your body. Research shows that even in group hypnosis, the results are at least 50% - which is far greater than most other programs anyway. I always think that you need the individual attention of a hypnotist to really go in and find out the personal root cause of your problem. Once you have that root cause satisfied, you can find other ways to feed it instead of food. I like to look at problems as metaphors. If we can find out that metaphor about weight, you solve that metaphor with another solution. That person is probably going to lose the weight and keep it of. There are no significant studies that I can list off the top my head right now, but we have plenty of research about the effectiveness of hypnosis on a statistical basis.

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