About the Effectiveness of ThymuSkin

By Jacquelyn Jeanty

  • Overview

    Hair loss is a sobering experience whether it be premature, or gradual as we age. On average, it affects 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States. There are a number of products on the market which claim to stop hair loss, and promote regrowth. ThymuSkin is one of these products, claiming as much and more in terms of hair restoration and improved overall health.
  • Identification

    ThymuSkin is a product used to prevent hair loss, and promote hair regrowth. It's manufactured by Klett-Loch GmbH, a company founded in 1985 out of Germany. The product is approved for application as a cosmetic by the United States Food & Drug Administration. Their hair growth kit is made up of a shampoo, a gel and treatment lotion. The kits come in either a two, four, or eight-month supply. The two month kit costs $211.00. A four-month kit runs $335.75, and the eight-month kit is $626.90.
    About the Effectiveness of ThymuSkin
  • Function

    ThymuSkin was originally designed to reduce the incidence of hair loss in cancer patients. It was soon realized that the formula was also effective in promoting the regrowth of hair as well. The formula's main ingredient is thymosin, a granular extract made from the thymuses of calves. Thymosin is a protein produced by the thymus gland, and is necessary for healthy immune system function. As we age, the thymus gland shrinks, resulting in a decreased output of the thymosin protein. As pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss, a shrinking thymus is seen as the cause for increased hair loss as we grow older.

  • Features

    The extract used in ThymuSkin is said to be powerful enough to apply on the scalp, and from there be absorbed into the bloodstream. Peptide molecules contained within the extract are said to stimulate the immune system's function. As the immune system becomes stronger, added results from the product claim an increased resistance to infections, and a slowing of the aging process. Daily applications using the shampoo, lotion and gel are said to bring about noticeable results within six months. Product effectiveness comparisons with other hair loss products show little if any significant difference in results in terms of hair loss, or regrowth.
  • Effects

    The makers of ThymuSkin report a 67 percent rate of effective in men, and a 95 percent rate in women. Its website displays an ongoing report on research results, and product updates. Long term usage is required before any significant results are seen. The treatment gel contains the highest concentration of thymosin. As such, it's the most powerful product within the hair loss kit, and can be used as a standalone product. However, all three products are recommended to see the best results. As of yet, no side effects have been reported from using this treatment. A full treatment period can run as long as 18 months. Any hair growth that took place while using the product is said to remain after the 18-month treatment period.
  • Considerations

    The causes for hair loss can vary from person to person. The aging process is just one possible reason for gradual hair loss. A genetic predisposition, or a person's biochemical make-up can also account for pattern hair loss rates. ThymuSkin's high price tag is reason to consider what may be causing hair loss, as the product specifically identifies the thymus gland as the premise for its formula. And, as of yet, the manufacturers make no guarantees as to the effectiveness of their product. As for the actual formula ingredients, little information has been made available. The reported use of thymosin extract from calves is of questionable concern since the company states no animal, or hormone products are used to make the formula.
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