What Is Some Electrical Safety Equipment That Is A Must For A Home?

What is some electrical safety equipment that is a must for a home? Find out what electrical safety equipment is a must for the home. You should have a voltage tester to ensure that power is turned off prior...

You should have a voltage tester to ensure that power is turned off prior to working on a circuit. This should be item number one on my list. Naturally, a good light source is important to assure safety in the working environment. One should turn the lights off when doing electrical work. So, you need to see the work area. If you working on a circuit with a duplex receptacle as the attachment point, a circuit tester is also very important to check for the proper polarity and ground continuity. This would be used with a cord, and it would be plugged into the connected circuit. It is also not a bad idea to have a minimum voltage tester to double check that the power has been disconnected before starting a project. Probably the most important thing to have is some sort of equipment to check whether or not the circuit is energized. A tester is a must. You want to check that after you've finished your work. Make sure it's wired, at least polarity wise, with the ground correctly. Finally, I would say you need to be using good quality, well maintained tools. Lot of accidents happen in the home because of the screwdriver tip. The tip of the screwdriver may be a little bit worn. This can cause it to slip off the screw, and you may end up sticking yourself or something like that.

People working with electricity need to have proper foot- wear also. People need special footware especially on concrete slabs. As far as footwear, you need to be wearing some type of nonconductive shoe material. If you happen to be working outside near a concrete slab, it would be a good idea to wear shoes with insulating material throughout the soles. You probably shouldn't have steel shanks in your shoes or anything like that. Although if you are working inside you home, it is not an issue. You really don't have to wear protective footwear because you are standing on the grounded surface. Other than that, I am not real big on any particular type of clothing or safety glasses. I hate to say that, but we don't wear hard hats or anything. It is up to the individual. You can never be too careful.

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