Elizabeth Montgomery Biography

Biography of Elizabeth Montgomery's impressive acting career which began at the age of 18 and ended only with her death in 1995. Meet the woman behind

Elizabeth Montgomery was born to popular actor-director Robert Montgomery and Elizabeth Allen on April 15, 1933 in Los Angeles, California. As a young child, she attended Westlake School for Girls and Spencer School in New York, where she was known as a bright girl with a big future. After dropping out of Spencer School, Montgomery enrolled in the Academy of Dramatic Arts, much to her family's surprise.

Montgomery's first acting job was on her father's television series, "Robert Montgomery Presents," in 1951. The 18-year old made a lasting impression on the audience and with new found confidence, quickly went on to star on Broadway in "Late Love," a role that won her a Theater World Award.

In 1954, Montgomery dated and eventually married Frederick Gallatin, a French businessman. The marriage would last only one year.

Montgomery made her film debut in "The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell" in 1955 and by all accounts, she was well on her way to becoming a star. Eight years later, at the age of 26, Montgomery picked up an Emmy nomination after appearing in "The Untouchables." One year later, she would take actor Gig Young as her second husband.

In the early 1960s, Montgomery auditioned for a role that would forever change the course of her life. Winning the part of a witch named Samantha Stevens, Montgomery settled into her comfortable new role on the television series "Bewitched," which would be nominated for 5 Emmy Awards , and remain on the charts as one of the 5 most popular television shows over most of its 8-year run. Montgomery and Young divorced just as "Bewitched" was hitting the airwaves, and she began dating William Asher, "Bewitched's" director-producer. They would marry that same year and have three children.

Just as "Bewitched" came to a close, so did Montgomery's third marriage. Asher and Montgomery split amicably in 1973. As a single mother of three, Montgomery stopped auditioning for roles that would take her far from home, and settled into a quiet, domestic life. She took up painting and sewing, even designing a "Bewitched" line of clothing, which included a popular dress coat.

Montgomery married her fourth husband, Robert Foxworth, in 1975, and began starring in a variety of television movie roles, including "A Killing Affair," "Jennifer: A Woman's Story," and "The Rules of Marriage." For the next 9 years, Montgomery would appear in at least one movie each year.

Unlike many others in Hollywood at the time, critics enjoyed Montgomery and often called her by her preferred nickname, "Lizzie." As she got older, Montgomery chose to star in movies that delivered a message, often choosing to play characters that challenged and fought against intolerance and prejudice. A regular at AMFAR benefits, Montgomery shied away from the spotlight, almost never appearing show business parties, functions or award shows.

In March of 1995, Montgomery was diagnosed with cancer. She died two months later on May 18, 1995, with her fourth husband by her side. Elizabeth Montgomery was 62 years old. Over the course of her career, Montgomery appeared in more than 250 live TV shows, 24 movies, and countless stage productions.

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