Email Advice: How To Spot Email Spam Chain Letter Scams

This article will give a summary on advice about email spam.

Nowadays, most people not only have access to email, but they also have at least one, if not more, personal computers and/or laptops at home. Email is a great way to stay in touch with people, especially family and friends whom are far away. Unfortunately, some businesses and people have taken advantage of this great technology and instead of making it a wonderful tool of communication, they make it their very own marketing tool to solicit business, or they send unwanted sexual emails/pictures. People with children especially find this very disrespectful, as sometimes people will check their email with a child on their lap, and it's incredibly inappropriate for a child to see pornographic materials on Mom's email. It even may shame Mom, even though she did not want or ask for the visual harassment. Mom is a victim in a way, as well.

How can you keep your email to only pick up what you want? Most email providers have bulk or junk mail folders, which immediately place anything that appears to be junk mail and anything has been mailed via mass-mailing (which is usually how spam is sent) into a separate folder. Once you look in that folder, you will usually see that there is nothing you want in that folder, and you can just delete it without even opening it. Usually, any email that is not from someone that you know is going to be some kind of junk mail- the same is true with snail mail. Usually, any junk mail is something that is mass-marketed and sent to many different people. If you don't know the sender, don't bother clicking on the email and reading it. Just delete it right away. You can also tell if there is a picture in the email usually. If the email says it is only about 2K, you can assume it is probably a very short advertisement of some sort. However, if it says something like 1200K, you can assume that there is a huge file attached to the email, not only including a probably very graphic or disturbing image, but also this amount of data will also jam your email box very quickly, and make it hard for you to receive email from people whom you actually DO want to receive emails from. The best thing to do is to just delete these emails. Advertisers already get you in so many ways; you can't watch TV, listen to the radio, or check your mailbox without getting a ton of advertisements. Why not just make it impossible for you to even see their email advertisements?

One thing to especially be careful of is reading any emails from unknown persons that have attachments. Unfortunately, there are people out there who have a lot of free time and actually come up with viruses that will ruin your hard drive and mess up your computer. If you get an email from an unknown address and it has an attachment on it, DO NOT open it. If you do, your computer could fall prey to some very damaging files.

Some email providers also let you only receive email from people whom you want to receive email from by asking you which email addresses you want to accept email from. This does away with the need for a bulk email folder. You just enter in your family and friends' email addresses, and you will only receive emails from them.

If all else fails and none of these options seem satisfactory, call your local internet or/and email provider and let them know of all of the problems that you are having with spam. They can usually help in some way.

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