Email Basics: How To Download File Attachments From Aol Emails

AOL offers many methods for downloading files attached to emails.

AOL offers many methods for downloading files attached to emails. The one you will want to use depends upon how you use AOL to read your mail. AOL offers two ways to read email: online and offline.

To download an attached file while you are connected to the AOL service, begin by opening the email with the attached file. You can identify it by noticing a small diskette and envelope icon next to the message in the New Mail window. Once you have opened the email by double clicking it or by selecting it and clicking Open, click Download and then Download Now. The window that appears gives you the option of changing the attachment's file name and the location that it will be saved to. Once you have made any adjustments you desire, click Save. A window then opens that will allow you to locate the downloaded file on your computer if you click Yes.

Unless you have changed the default download destination folder, all attachments you download are placed within the Download folder inside the America Online folder. For versions of AOL after version 6.0, the America Online folder is usually contained within the Programs directory.

The other methods for downloading an attached file allow you to request that the attachment be downloaded without being connected to AOL. Once you have connected to AOL later, your attachments are downloaded. Two of the three methods use the Automatic AOL function. The first is the most convenient but is also the least secure. If you would like to automatically download all attachments attached to your unread mail whenever you perform the Automatic AOL function, check the check box labeled "Download files that are attached to unread mail" when you set up your Automatic AOL session.

Alternatively, by checking the check box labeled "Download files marked to be downloaded later," you can limit the attachments that are downloaded to only those you have approved. This is much more secure and is recommended to help you avoid viruses, trojans, and spyware. Regardless of the method chosen, the downloaded attachments can be found in the Download folder unless you have changed the default destination.

To change the default destination folder for downloaded attachments, you will need to open the Download Manager. To do this, click on the File menu and then click on Download Manager. Once the Download Manager has opened, click Select Destination. Use the Select Path window to select the location on your computer where you would like your downloaded attachments to be saved and then click the Save button to record your choice.

The Download Manager can also be used for other purposes. You can see what files are waiting to be downloaded. You can use the Download button to download the list if you are connected to the AOL service. In addition, you can obtain a list of files recently downloaded by clicking Show Files Downloaded. The Download Manager can help you find a particular attachment if you select a previously downloaded file and then click on Locate. Note that the Download Manager will not be able to locate a file if you have moved, renamed, or deleted it after it was originally downloaded.

To create a list of attachments for the Download Manager to download, open each email with an attachment that you would like to download. Click on the Download button and then select Download Later. You can select Download Later whether you are online or offline, making it a particularly useful feature if your account does not offer unlimited access.

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