Email Stationary: Easy Ways To Decorate Your Email

Decorating your e-mail has never been simpler than it is now with these easy to follow ideas to help you show off your creativity.

The first place to start in decorating your e-mail is to make the text italicized, bold, and/or underlined. Underlined text is annoying to some people; it just depends on your taste. Depending on the color and font face, bolded and italicized text may look better. For emphasis, you could only change certain words, making them the focal point of your message.

Next, change the size of the text and the font face. The default for the size of the text is usually very small. Making it bigger makes your e-mail more of an attention grabber. It also is good for those who cannot see very well.

Then, try adding some color to the text and a background image. The default text color of black can be a tad boring. Choose a color that doesn't clash with the background and is easy to see. A colored background, a picture, or e-mail stationery will add a unique touch to message. On the majority side, people tend to prefer a light colored background with dark text than a dark background with light text.

After changing the text, you can add some images to your e-mail. These images can be static or animated ones that your e-mail provider has or they can be some that you add from a disc or a file on your computer. Most e-mail and e-mail programs have the option to insert an image or a picture. Be warned though that some e-mail programs disable images in the e-mail and/or warn the person receiving it that it contains images. Some people who do not know much about computers may fear that your image is some type of virus and your e-mail could be deleted and go unread.

ACSII art is the most popular type of picture added to e-mail. You can create different kinds of pictures including animals, flowers, faces, and more. With a search online, you will find many websites with design ideas for ASCII art.

You can personalize your e-mail by adding a signature line. A signature line can contain your name, the URL to your website, a quote you like, poem, and more. A religious quote or political statement should be used with caution, depending on whom your e-mail is going to. If your signature line will be used on all of your e-mails regardless of who the recipient is, you do not want to risk offending anyone, especially if they are a business associate.

Another way to decorate your e-mail is to add some emotion to your words. By adding actions or feelings in asterisks, it adds a little something special to your e-mail. People are more likely to be able to tell what you are trying to say if you add a facial expression, emotion, or an action to your words.

Some new ideas are to add sound effects to e-mail. Since it is still a somewhat new concept, some people may be wary of downloading it. Be sure that when you are finished decorating your e-mail that it is aesthetically pleasing.

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