Emu Oil Homeopathy

The health benefits of emu oil for the treatment of arthritis, joint swelling, wounds, and burns as well as its use as a skin moisturizer.

Like the ostrich, the emu is a member of the ratite family of flightless birds. While the ostrich is native to Africa, the emu evolved separately in Australia after that continent broke away from Africa millions of years ago.

An important feature of the emu that distinguishes it from its distant ostrich cousin is the fact that each full grown emu yields approximately 5 liters of oil. There are three main reasons why the emu developed its unique type of oil as compared to the ostrich in Africa. The first reason is that the oil offers emus a good degree of thermal protection in the desert regions of Australia. The second reason is that during the breeding and laying season, emus eat very little and must live off the fat layers built up in their bodies for nourishment. And finally, because emus often fight with each other, their oil serves to heal the deep cuts and gashes they get as a result. These latter healing properties were utilized later on by the human inhabitants of Australia.

The first humans to settle in Australia were the Aborigines who have utilized emu oil in many beneficial ways for thousands of years. Among the many things that the Aborigines used emu oil for was to treat sore muscles and joints, to relieve burns, and as a moisturizer for dry skin. These emu oil uses were later adopted by the European settlers of Australia, especially for treatment of burns from the hot sun.

In recent years, as more scientific research has been done on the properties of emu oil, scientists have discovered a wide range of uses to which emu oil can be applied. Because emu oil has been proven to penetrate the skin better than almost any other known substance due to its lack of phospholipids (fatty acids) and because of its healing powers, due to its high level of linolenic acid, this oil is now used to ease the pain of arthritis and the swelling of the joints. Almost all professional sports teams now use emu oil for their players' injuries. Bruises, wounds, and burns are also treated by emu oil with soothing effects that can be felt within minutes of application. Even the cosmetics industry is now discovering the wrinkle-removing moisturizing abilities of emu oil.

It has even been found that brushing your teeth with a drop of emu oil on your toothpaste will firm up your gums and prevent them from bleeding. New discoveries on the incredible emu oil are still being made as more scientists are researching this natural substance.

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