About Entry-Level Computer Engineer Jobs

By Charles Pearson

  • Overview

    About Entry-Level Computer Engineer Jobs
    Computer engineering is an interesting and potentially lucrative career that is steadily growing. A computer engineer is responsibly for designing the hardware end of the computer world. But this professional often starts of this career as an assistant or help desk support specialist. But by demonstrating strong knowledge of both computer and problem-solving skills, a computer engineer can successfully move up in the industry.
  • Software Design

    An information design engineer is expected to break down complex problems for companies not focused on computers and then come up with software solutions for these companies. A systems engineer is expected to design functional systems for businesses in order to enhance communication. An entry-level software engineer works with software already created by senior software engineers in order to make improvements in the usability of the software.
  • Customer Service

    An integration engineer is expected to work with senior engineers in order to communicate technical information to customers and other programmers. A desktop support specialist provides one-on-one support to customers who have questions or issues with software and other services. Even though both jobs focus mostly on customer service, an engineer must have the technical knowledge to act as a messenger between different parties. An engineer has the chance to gradually work up to more complex tasks like designing systems and software.

  • Requirements

    Entry-level computer engineer jobs require a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering or computer science. These jobs require C and C++ programming experience and experience with Java. A computer engineer is expected to be adaptable in the consistently changing field of computer technology.
  • Desired Skills

    A computer engineer with experience with various computer tools and systems is more likely to get hired. A computer engineer is expected to come up with original and effective solutions to computer hardware problems. As with most positions, interpersonal skills are highly preferred. A computer engineer commonly works in teams and many engineers eventually ascend to a managerial position.
  • Job Searching

    Computer engineer jobs are commonly found in almost every sector of the economy though they are more prominent in computer and data processing industries. Thousands of new computer engineering jobs can be found on the Internet daily. Job leads can also be found through universities, newspapers and computer engineering magazines. Many computer engineers also successfully work as independent contractors.
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