Environmental Preservation: Alaskan Wildlife

Alaskan wildlife needs to be respected and its environment preserved. Read on to find out more about Alaskan wildlife.

One of the reasons so many people visit my great home state of Alaska, is to see its wildlife. Let's examine this word. WILD life. There's a key word here- wild.

When tourists feed sea otters, moose, caribou, and eagles, they don't mean any harm. However, they are not doing the animals, or the residents of Alaska, any great favors. They are hurting us both.

These are wild animals, that know how to hunt and gather food. When tourists feed them, they encourage the animals to become less intimidated by humans. This results in maulings,attacks, and deaths of both humans and animals.

Residents of Alaska end up having bold animals going through their garbage, breaking into their cabins, and charging their children and pets due to tourists who have fed the wildlife and taught bears, moose, and other wildlife to expect food to be where humans are. For safety's sake and for our wildlife's sake, please do not feed the animals in Alaska! They are wild and can take care of themselves!

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