Equine Science Colleges

A guide for Equine science colleges and universities.

If you're searching for the right college and you have an interest in horses, it's easy to incorporate that interest into your studies. Whether you want to start out slow with basic husbandry classes or meet a loftier goal of being a veterinarian, there is a college or course that can accommodate you.

Several horse-related Internet sites offer state-by-state listing of colleges with equine programs. Some good possibilities to start with are Equisearch, HayNet and HorseCandy.

One of the more popular choices on the east coast is Lake Erie College in Ohio. The school offers a "broad-based liberal arts foundation...combined with a major program of study... Many students choose to combine their equestrian interests with studies in the natural sciences, business, psychology, or with preparation for veterinary or graduate school."

One horse industry major offered by Lake Erie College is Equine Facility Management. It is designed for those interested in managing boarding barns, competition stables, training farms, racetracks, horse show complexes, and the like. Another choice of major is Equestrian Teacher/Trainer, which prepares students to become trainers and riding instructors. Equine Stud Farm Management is also available as a major. This choice prepares students for working in the equine breeding industry and offers internships with breeding farms.

For more information, contact Lake Erie College at 391 West Washington St., Painesville, Ohio 44077.

On the west coast, Rocky Mountain College is one choice that offers an Equestrian Studies program that "provides the enterprising student a venue for his or her passion for horses. The program offers a firm foundation in equitation to increase skills as a rider; a progressive training approach to encourage the student to form a valuable structure for educating horses and riders using generally accepted training principles, as well as a solid background in equine management fundamentals...From the basic care of the horse through veterinary courses and stable management to responsible breeding program development, the program encourages each student to find his or her place in the equine world."

The four options at Rocky Mountain include Equitation and Training, Equine Business, Equine Writing and Publications, and Riding Instructor. Students may alternately choose to minor in Equestrian Studies.

For more information, contact Rocky Mountain College at 1511 Poly Drive, Billings, MT 59102-1796.

William Woods University advertises a Division of Equestrian Studies at their campus in Missouri. According to their literature, "...in 1972, WWU became the first university in the United States to offer a four-year Equestrian Science degree. The Equine Administration major was added in 1992. All programs are complemented by the university's commitment to a strong liberal arts education and professional preparation."

The Equestrian Science degree is for students interested in careers in training or managing horses and/or teaching equitation. Equine Administration is designed for students interested in such careers as equestrian business, equestrian organizations and event management. Minors are also available in both areas for those who are interested.

For more information, contact William Woods University at One University Avenue, Fulton, MO 65251-1098.

Today, there are vast possibilities for those who wish to combine their education with their interest in horses. The tips listed here should serve as a good starting point in a thorough search. A little digging and legwork should result in a good match for your personal education needs.

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