What Equipment Do You Need To Create A Simple Wedding Cake?

What equipment do you need to create a simple wedding cake? Learn what you need to create a simple but great stacked wedding cake. Materials like dowel rods or wooden/plastic stakes are used to keep stacked wedding cakes in place.

Weddings are fast becoming extremely costly affairs. Some weddings are considered "moderately priced" yet top such figures as $10,000. There's even money to be made these days in the actual planning of a wedding. What if the prospective bride and groom, along with their families, simply don't have that kind of money at their disposal? Frugal parents, brides and grooms are quickly learning ways to cut costs of weddings without cutting any of the frills or extravagance. Once such method is making the wedding cake yourself, instead of relying on expensive bakers or caterers to do the job.

Many wedding cakes run in the ball field of several hundred dollars. That's quite a significant cost when trying to curb expenses. It is entirely possible to create a delicious and decorative wedding cake within the confines of one's own kitchen. A few basic supplies are all that's required.

It doesn't really matter if the actual wedding cake is made from a homemade recipe or a boxed cake mix. Most cake mixes result in delicious, moist cake with firm enough texture for frosting and decorating.

Jennifer Bartos is an expert in baking supplies. She owns the All in One Bake Shop. According to Bartos, creating a magnificent wedding cake at home isn't nearly as difficult as it may seem.

"Choose what shape you want your wedding cake layers to be, and be sure to buy several pans that shape in varying sizes," she says. "In addition to the pans, the only other actual investments are in dowel rods and cardboard."

Dowel rods can be plastic or wooden are used to support the multi layers of wedding cake. These dowels help support the weight of the cake, and keep the upper layers from crushing or misshaping the bottom layers. Round cardboard cutouts,preferably with a wax finish,are used to separate each layer. Both the dowels and the cardboard separators can be made from supplies on hand or purchased in a baking supply store. Their cost is minimal. Their effect is a must.

"Planning the design is really important for making a wedding cake," Bartos explains, "and knowing the construction method you'll be using is necessary, too."

The stacked method involves layers on top of one another,separated only by the cardboard rounds. Stacked cakes are best when creating a smaller wedding cake with only one, two or three layers. Tiered cakes require one additional supply,that of plastic pillars. These are inserted between the layers of cake to keep them from actually sitting on top of one another. It is an elegant look that really enhances the overall magnificence of the wedding cake.

"Construction-wise, a tiered cake is actually simpler to construct than a layered wedding cake," Bartos says.

A tiered wedding cake is the perfect way to add affordable elegance to wedding while cutting expenses at the very same time. And that creates not only a beautiful cake and a fabulous dessert for the bride, groom, and wedding guests, but an absolute win-win situation for all involved in planning and paying for the entire wedding event.

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