Eradicating Garden Snails

Snails are garden pests whose increasing populations can be found everywhere,most specially in lawns.There are various ways in getting rid of them.

Snails thrive everywhere,mostly in moist areas.Even if some of them are eradicated by hand,new ones are still surprisingly found in the gardens everyday.Their increasing population and eggs being lain everywhere makes them scatter around moist areas.Various methods are being used to eliminate them,either by hand,traps or by use of chemical means.

The most typical method to get rid of snails is done through picking them up by hand.This,however,couldn't serve as a very effective solution since it's tiring and couldn't eliminate all of the snail populations.Most people check on their pots and plants during daytime for snails and handpick them.At night,snails leave a shiny trail behind them which can be easily seen by using a flashlight.This could serve as a track which leads to where these pests are located.

Chemical methods can also be helpful in eradicating them.One way is by having the plants dipped into a liquid such as lime being mixed with water before transfering them into pots.this could help get rid of the snail eggs invisibly present in the stems and leaves of the plant.An alternate way is by pouring water filled with soap solutions onto a plant container.Some people apply diatomaceous soil in flower beds or pour it around plants to slice the bodies of these snails.This solution has sharp-edged parts which cuts a portion of the snail's body and dehydrates them.This can be done during rainy seasons for effective snail elimination.

Traps are also useful in getting rid of snails.These pests love lettuce and fish foods which can be cut in slices to gather and trap the snails.They are placed in the soil at nighttime and in the morning,they can be seen gathering in clusters and can then be removed.Snails also rest in shady places during hot days so upside-down positioned pots can be useful as traps for snails seeking for shades.Having empty pots containing water,fallen trees and old chunks of wood removed can also help minimize the existence of garden snails.

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