Essential Dorm Room Items For College-Bound Student

Sending your child off to college to live in her first dorm or apartment? Here are some essential bedroom items you will want to pack.

The summer after your child graduates from high school will be a busy one indeed, full of trips to the college campus of her choice, graduation parties and late nights out with high school friends that will be venturing to different colleges. For both parent and child, this is a time of transition as the parents struggle to deal with the fact that their chid is leaving and the child struggles to deal with her newfound independence. Before she leaves the nest, you will want her to be armed with all that she will need for her new apartment or dorm room. Here is a checklist of some essential items for your college student's bedroom.

* Since your college student will be spending the majority of time in her new apartment or dorm (coming home for the weekends, of course!), you will want her to be as comfortable there as she is in her old bedroom at home. Invest in some quality bed sheets, comforters or duvets and pillows. More than likely, she will be bringing the sheets and blankets home to be washed, so you want them to be both durable and comfortable. If, however, she has a favorite blanket that she has always slept with, be sure to pack that, as well, so she always feels close to home.

* If your student will not have a separate spot in her apartment or dorm for a computer table or desk, be sure to get her a compact and sturdy desk and comfortable chair. You will not want to choose a large desk, since she will have to fit it in her bedroom, so be sure to get a design that uses minimal space, but offers maximum features. Don't forget to pack her computer and printer, too.

* Your child will probably be doing most of her studying in her bedroom, so you will probably want to get her a comfortable arm chair or papasan, if she does not have a separate desk.

* In terms of lighting, she will probably need a table lamp for studying (one for her desk), a lamp on her bedside table (for late night reading) and a floor lamp.

* You can't really have a bedroom without a bed, can you? If your child will be moving into an apartment or dorm that is not already furnished, get her a durable twin size bed (to minimize the space it will take up in her room) and a bedside table.

* Sure, it is nice to think of your college student studying every waking moment, but she will need a little downtime. More than likely, if she has roommates, her bedroom will be her place of solace where she can relax, so make sure she brings along a small television and a radio.

* It seems that no matter what your child decides to major in, she will be swamped with college textbooks, so make sure to invest in a sturdy bookshelf.

* Along with her clothes, be sure to pack plenty of hangers and a small laundry hamper or bag (to keep her dirty clothes all in one spot). If she will need more space for underwear or socks, she may also need a small chest of drawers.

* Every room needs a trash can, and the bedroom is no exception.

* Your college student may want to pack a few items that remind her of home like an old quilt or pillow or stuffed animals. To help give her room a cozy appearance, don't forget to pack some wall posters and framed photographs for her desk and walls.

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