The Essential Time Management Tools For Mothers

Essential and practical time management tools for busy mothers including calendars, organizers, pocket pc, palm pilots, and use of these electronic organizers.

Time management tools can be the saving force in a harried mother's schedule. With many mothers managing work, home, and extra-curricula activities, their own and their families, proper tools to help organize their day are a necessity, not a luxury. Finding and identifying practical tools that will work for each individual does not have to be an added chore when you keep one main goal in the forefront, to simplify!


A simple item, yet it comes in as many different forms as a mother does. A basic wall calendar is a good start if a schedule needs to accessible by not only the mother but also those around her. Combine this with a pocket calendar that will fit easily in a purse or bag, with squares large enough to make notes, and this can sometimes be all that is needed to keep control of a family's schedule.


Similar to a calendar, an organizer can be small enough to be carried in a bag, but much more detailed in its layout. An organizer has the capabilities to do as its name suggests, to help keep a family's schedule in order. Knowing what appointments you have for any given day can be a help, but to know at a glance that the meeting you have at 1:00 PM is with all the department heads, and a catered lunch is scheduled during, allows you the information to make your daughter's dentist appointment any other day but the same day at 2:00 PM.

Electronic Organizers

A Pocket PC or Palm Pilot can be the ultimate time saver if used correctly. Something that once only a businessperson would have a use for, now anyone trying to keep track and control of a busy schedule can benefit from these highly versatile tools. Combine one of these with a personal computer and printer, and you have a complete organization center. Think of the time a mother can idle away waiting for a child. Take that same time, add an electronic organizer, and you have created a use for that idle time. You can create lists, double check appointments, make phone calls if your electronic organizer doubles as a phone, and the biggest plus of all, is you do not have duplicate the chores you did once you get home, beyond dropping the device into it's cradle connected to your computer, to "ňúsync' the information. From the computer, print a weekly or daily schedule and post it for the rest of the family as needed.

Besides being useful as discussed above, the electronic organizer can also be a stress manager, which can go a long ways towards keeping time management in control. The ever-popular game of solitaire is included on nearly every electronic organizer on the market, along with literally thousands of other games available for purchase. Books can be downloaded, allowing you to read books that you never seem to have time to do. Recipes can be perused, and planned, via meal planner software. A calculator is standard on most, along with a dictionary. Planning and organization software detailed for nearly any activity is available, including scouting, dance, crafts, movies, collectibles, etc. Some units even come with map software, and the unit doubles as a GPS receiver. For those living in a new area, or a busy metro area, this feature can be indispensable.

Keep in mind that any of these time management tools can work, but none of them will if not used. Whatever tools you decide to apply to your time crunch, putting a small amount of effort into there daily use can bring huge rewards in saved time.

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