Essential Trampoline Accessories: Mats, Covers, Enclosures And Other Items

A guide to the best trampoline accessories.

If you've decided to jump into the trampoline world, be aware that you've entered a highly addictive, fun and, don't tell the kids, good-for-you activity.As a social magnet for neighborhood children and adults, the house with the trampoline will be a popular spot.Placing a little effort into the research and background before buying and purchasing the highest quality you can afford will keep trampoline dangers at a minimum.In addition, consider adding some of these popular accessories.

Most trampolines are going to spend their life in the backyard, far away from objects and hard surfaces.Since UV sun rays, rain, snow and other weather related debris will collect on the surface with possible damaged to your trampoline, a weather cover can be a great investment.Weather covers, usually waterproof, protect the frame, pads, material and stitching from damage.A weather cover also indicates that the trampoline is "closed" to anyone that may wander by.

Weather accompanied with wind can create a dangerous and bothersome problem for trampolines.Constructed as they are, many trampolines can become large kites during storms.While a tipped trampoline may be an inconvenience, one that lands on the top of a fence or on your neighbor's vehicle can be costly.To prevent this, try accessory anchors.Anchors will secure the leg joints to the frame of the trampoline and then lock into the ground.Simply unhook for easy movement of the trampoline.

Safety enclosures are vertical nets, usually eight feet high, which surround the trampoline.Strapped to the side and edge of the trampoline they lessen the chance of jumpers falling off and sustaining injuries.For beginners, the safety net will help build confidence, coordination, agility and balance.For parents, safety nets simply add a relief cushion.As jumpers become accustom to the trampoline, build up confidence and want to experiment with tricks, the net can easily be removed.

Net locks that keep the safety net closed are a safety feature that can prevent accidents or unauthorized use of the trampoline.

Ladders specifically engineered for trampolines will aid in getting on and off while maintaining their place as the trampoline moves.

Spring covers, small plastic or leather sleeves for the trampoline springs will prevent little fingers and clothing from getting caught in the springs.These inexpensive sleeves are well worth the time and effort it takes to place them over each spring.All it takes is one wailing youngster with a large blister to make this investment worthwhile.

A "snag bag" is a helpful accessory to maintain the neatness of your lawn.Most snag bags are waterproof mesh bags that attach to the top rail and legs of the trampoline.Each bag has separate pockets so jumpers can place their shoes, keys, and glasses in one area to prevent lose or damage.

To keep the trampoline from being a one-month novelty, experiment with toys and games available through trampoline supply stores.Try hooking up a basketball hoop to the safety net for some really great dunks, try juggling while jumping, or even give the trampoline board (similar to a skateboard) a whirl.

A trampoline can add to your exercise program, make it fun for kids of all ages, improve balance and coordination and add to a person's self confidence.Just keep safety in mind and the benefits can be endless.

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