Essential Wardrobe Checklist For The Modern 30-Something Woman

Fashion fades, but style stays forever. The stylish woman of her thirties has a wardrobe that reflects the diversity of her lifestyle.

Fashion fades, but style stays forever. The stylish woman of her thirties has a wardrobe that reflects the diversity of her lifestyle. Whether she is classy, elegant or trendy, she has her wardrobe essentials. These staples are the foundation of her wardrobe, upon which she layers her creativity.

A woman should have several suits, to accommodate a variety of occasions. A black suit is needed for funerals. A gray and a blue suit are essential for corporate events and interviews. Make sure your wardrobe contains these suits in skirt and pants format. If one is budget conscious, a five-piece wardrober in the aforementioned colors will expand your options. A five-piece wardrober set consists of a sheath dress, a skirt, a tailored blazer, pants and a button front vest in the same color and fabric. These items can be interchanged seamlessly to create a dozen looks.

Today's modern woman should have a basic shoe collection consisting of pumps, flats and athletic shoes. A pair of closed toe, two inch black pumps is very versatile. These pumps can give you a smooth transition from day to evening. An open toe, strappy pair in black will coordinate well with most evening and upscale outfits. For casual Fridays at work and weekends, flats are essential. Loafers in black and brown will match most outfits. The loafers should be hard bottom, in order to coordinate with slacks as well as jeans.

Today's active woman needs at least one pair of athletic shoes. Depending on what region of the country you live, these are known as tennis shoes or sneakers. Leave the bright colors to the younger set. Choose a pair in black, blue, gray or white. Any combination of these colors will work well also.

Because a woman in her thirties still has one hand in youth, a jean collection is important. Avoid ultra low riders and tight jeans. Let the teenagers and twenty-something have that look. Choose jeans that are flattering to your figure. Avoid flashy jeans with studs, rhinestones and fringe, unless you are going to a country western bar.

Having several coats is a necessity. The same coat that takes you to work should not take you to the gym. For work a classic beige or black trench coat is appropriate. You can find trench coats in full length or three quarter length. The three quarter length stops just below the hip. This length is suggested for the warmer months. It is wise to invest in a trench coat with a removable lining. An alternative to the trench coat, during the winter, is a full length wool coat. For the weekends and more casual environments a wool pea coat works well. Pea coats are double breasted, so avoid them if you are seeking a slim look.

The active lady shall invest in a goose-filled parka coat. These coats ensure optimum warmth during winter activities such as skiing, hiking or snowboarding. Choose one with a detachable hood, for a versatile look. Some hoods are available with fur trim, for a very feminine look. Along with the parka, one should have a pair of hiking boots. An example is the classic types made by Timberland. But there are many companies that offer these boots. They even come in feminine colors such as pink and lavender.

These items are the basics in the wardrobe of today's modern thirty something woman. Adding accessories such as belts and scarves adds personality to these staples. Don't forget an array of blouses to set the tone of an outfit. With this foundation, you will have the wardrobe that can help you reach your professional and personal goals.

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