Exercise & Health Benefits: Everyday Activities

Exercise & health benefits by changing your everyday routines and by doing everyday activities.

You don't have to go to the gym to exercise. You can incorporate activities into you everyday life that will substitute for going to the gym. In addition, you don't have to pay the big bucks every month.

Park further away from the building. Most of us are guilty of circling around the parking lot, trying to find the closest parking space to the door of the store or the office. By parking further away, you may save time and gas. You also get a few minutes of extra exercise in to your day.

Does your office have stairs? Do you have stairs in your shopping center? Use them. Instead of waiting for the elevator you can walk of a few stairs and get some exercise. If you are in a high story building, walk up the stairs half way, and then take the elevator. Stairs are a good cardiovascular exercise.

If you work near an area that has a restaurant, walk to lunch. Walk on your lunch break. If you bring you lunch to work, eat, and then walk outside for a few minutes or around your office.

During your breaks at work or whenever you have extra time on your hand, do some stretching exercises. You can also do this when you wake up. You may feel more refreshed if you do this when you wake up.

Take up a hobby. Try gardening. Gardening is good exercise and burns up plenty of calories. Any hobby that requires you to move around is a good exercise alternative.

Cook more often. When you cook you have to left and carry many items from your cabinets or pantry. This is a good weight lifting exercise.

Play with your kids. This is a good exercise, chasing your kids around your yard or home brings the family close together. You also get your kids to exercise. Most children are sedentary this will help them as well as you.

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