Exercise And Weight Loss: Step Aerobics At Home

Exercise should be an essential part of everyone's life.But all too often, work, family, and other responsibilities take precedence, and exercise is either ignored or forgotten.Many busy people are taking advantage of videos that offer exercise programs that can be done at home.This alternative is convenient and can be just as effective as working out in a gym.

Step aerobics is a popular form of exercise that combines the benefits of an aerobic exercise with shaping and toning. A 4-inch high platform, or step, is used and footwork combinations include stepping on and off the platform.Additional height can be added to the step to increase the degree of difficulty. Most classes combine choreographed footwork, upper body conditioning, abdominal work and stretching. Depending on the amount of intensity, a typical one-hour class will burn between 250 and 500 calories.

If your schedule does not permit you to go to a gym for a step class, or if you live in a remote area where there are no classes available, you are in luck. You can do a complete step workout at home.The platforms used for step aerobics can be purchased in most large sporting good, or online.

There are a large number of step videos on the market that can have you working out in no time.Videos are available offering choreography from simple to complex, suitable for every fitness level from beginner to advanced.Start out by renting a couple of beginner videos.Then, when you find a program that works for you, you can buy one. After you have mastered the steps, you can create your own choreography and workout to your favorite music.

Once you have your step and video, you are ready to get started. Be sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and a good pair of shoes.Establishing firm footing on the step is important and cross-trainers work well. You will need a minimum of six square feet in which to work. Make sure the area is clear.Try to find a time during the day when you are alone so that you can focus on your workout without distraction.Make sure to stay hydrated during your workout by drinking plenty of water.

The primary goal of any form of aerobic exercise is to elevate the heart rate.Every person has a maximum rate that is determined by age, weight, gender, and fitness level.Search online for a chart that indicates your own personal range.First, you should determine your resting heart rate. The best way to check your pulse is at the carotid artery.Place two fingers below the jaw next to the windpipe.Once you feel your pulse, count the beats for 60 seconds.This will be your resting heart rate. During exercise, check your heart rate periodically.You should be working to at least 60 percent of your maximum rate.You can do a quick check by counting for ten seconds and then multiplying that number by ten.

Exercise doesn't have to be confined to any particular hour of the day, but it is thought to be better to do cardio workouts in the morning.Once conditioning begins, your metabolism will increase and you will begin burning fat.This process continues throughout the day.Exercising at night may lead to difficulty falling asleep, but certainly, if this is the only time that you have available, take advantage of the opportunity.

Exercise is effective in any weight loss program, but is even more so when combined with a diet that is low in fat and calories.There are many diet plans available; some that restrict carbohydrates and others that concentrate on fats.The most important thing is to burn more calories every day than you consume.Cut out snacks and substitute fresh fruit for sweets. Try eliminating extras like sugar and cream in coffee.Cut down portions and eat only when you are hungry.Reducing caloric intake and increasing active exercise will certainly result in weight reduction. Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program, especially if you are overweight and have not been exercising regularly.

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