How Does An Exorcism Work?

How does an exorcism work? This page offers information on how to perform an exorcism. By whatever name it goes , evil spirits, negative spirits, negative emotions , negative energy is a real phenomenon...

By whatever name it goes , evil spirits, negative spirits, negative emotions , negative energy is a real phenomenon that affects people's lives for the worse. That negative energy must be dealt with, usually by a trained exorcist, someone who casts out the negative force in a person's life through an exorcism.

"Exorcism is the removal or casting out of an evil spirit from an individual or an area through ritual command," says Jeffrey Seelman, a world-renowned psychic and exorcist, who started up Starclear ( in 1999.

Since the 1990s, according to his site, Seelman has been on the forefront of clearing negative energy from individuals and their environments.

Once he's contracted to remove an evil spirit from any given home, after feeling the spirit's presence, Seelman starts his exorcism. Like most exorcists, he has a little black bag of necessary equipment including personally mixed ancient incenses, as well as bells that have a "positive effect upon the sound vibrations of the atmosphere around the person's home or an individual as well."

He begins the exorcism by going through a home or business with incense and then with one or more of his bells. On the third sweep he clears the atmosphere of negative emotional energy, discharged from the attacking spirit, the family, or the people who live in the house.

"While I am doing this, I confront the evil spirit and determine why it's in the home," he says. "I determine its nature."

Determining the spirit's nature in an exorcism is important: it allows the exorcist to discern who the spirit is and possibly what its name is, and he learns why the spirit is attacking the family or individual and why it is in the home or business.

Once the nature of the spirit is determined, the next step of the exorcism begins,removal through command. "The idea behind a ritual command is that a series of sounds or words performed with authority will cast out or drive out an attacking spirit from an environment, and commands can be done on several levels."

Verbal commands are spoken loudly through the spirit, he says. Non-verbal commands are spoken telepathically.
"Mind communication is very ancient," he says. "All spirits do it."

Confrontational command involves metaphysical devices to confront the spirit during the exorcism, such as a sword or some form of light or energy, but, he explains, these devices are not physically present. "You're not going to see a sword in my hand."

Physical objects are useless in the fight against spirits, he says.

Some commands such as "get out!" are simple, he says. These commands can be verbal or nonverbal.

But just saying the command doesn't send the spirit away, he says. "There has to be a spiritual force to drive out the command."

The spirit reacts to the energy that surrounds a particular command, he says. "When I say 'get out', I mean get out."

When he's performing the exorcism, he says, he is "actually throwing energy at that spirit."

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