What Are Some Exotic Flowers To Use In Floral Arrangements?

What are some exotic flowers to use in floral arrangements? There are many exotic flowers that can spice up your floral arrangement. Nancy Wharton, who has been in the business for twenty-six years and is...

Nancy Wharton, who has been in the business for twenty-six years and is the founder and owner of Casa Verde Florist in Austin, Texas, says, "There are many exotic flowers that can really spice up your arrangement. There are orchids, birds of paradise, and ginger... There are also many exotic flowers from Hawaii that have become very popular."

When considering the use of exotic flowers, Nancy advises, "Usually, you would use exotic flowers for tall arrangements. The reason for this is because you are looking at stems. If you cut them down, you wouldn't see the exotic flower well at all. These types of arrangements are great for parties. People really admire them." However, when displaying these tall arrangements at a sit down dinner party, they should not be used as centerpieces as they would block your guests' view of each other, but if you are serving buffet style, they could be utilized as a center focal point in between your serving dishes.

No matter where you decide to use exotic flowers, you need to know where to find them first. Nancy says that most florists carry exotic flowers. However, you should call ahead to check and inquire about prices. Some florists will buy them locally and prices will vary.

The book, "Better Homes & Gardens Flower Arranging", published in 1957 by Meredith Publishing Company, advises, "Tell your florist of your interest in flower arranging. He (or she) will respond enthusiastically and be happy to supply you with 'a few of this' and 'a little of that' because you are a fellow enthusiast for the joys and rewards of flower arranging." Most florists know where they can find what you need if they do not carry it themselves.

Another tip is to thoroughly research the care of any type of exotic plant or flower. Some may not last as long as other flowers or greenery you are using in your arrangement. Some may require extra attention to keep them fresh or special supplies to incorporate them into the foliage, especially ones of a larger size. When in doubt, ask your local expert florist for advice. You do not want to spend the time creating the "perfect arrangement" only to find out that it will not last for the occasion or eventually fall and droop because it's not properly supported.

The extra effort required by exotic flowers should by no means scare you away from adding an exotic touch to your floral arrangements. Experimenting with different ideas, textures, and looks is what flower arranging is all about. The learning process should be looked upon as enjoyable, including gaining the knowledge of how to accomplish your inspirations. As "Better Homes & Gardens Flower Arranging" says, "The art of flower arranging is an easy one to learn. Anyone who loves flowers...and will take time to combine them with discernment can succeed in this art."

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